Sunday, March 23, 2008

Affiliate Marketing with Pepperjamnetwork

Going back to the history of how I started making money online, my only goal at first was to earn $30 or over a thousand pesos every month. I achieved that goal without a blog and without an internet connection at home. I had to go to an internet cafe to be able to go online. But it was all worth it. I was able to generate a thousand to add to my monthly student allowance. Then I thirst for more money. This time I aimed for a $100 a month. I started two blogs, joined adsense and other make money online programs. Not long enough I earned $100 a month. Then I thirst for more money again, I joined many earning sites, blog and blog and blog, until I begin earning $500 a month to over $800 a month at times.

But now I want more again. I want to earn a regular $1000 a month. But I am graduating this march and will review for 6 months, this means I will have less time blogging. But that doesn't stop me. I see a huge flow of money in affiliate marketing. I have been trying affiliate programs for months now and I get a decent money from it. At least I get a few hundred dollars to wait at the end of every month by just placing a simple code at my blogs.

Affiliatte Marketing is one of the best way to make money online but the lead to success in this field is very tough. But success is achievable. Following the same direction when I first ventured into money making, I'm trying my luck.

A few days ago I joined PepperjamNetwork. I have seen many affiliate marketers who are not bloggers who are making a lots of money from PepperjamNetwork which pays every two weeks with a minimum of only $25. In fact Zacjohnson and John Chow themselves promote Pepperjamnetwork. If you are curious about PepperjamNetwork just click the banner below and you will be sent to the PepperjamNetwork. Goodluck!

Rumors Are True


Anonymous said...

I hope you are doing well with pepperjamnetwork because i am having a contest which includes a $250 give away to winner of my contest and simply if you are an affiliate of pepperjame entitles you a chance to win!

doorlight said...

I've been wanting to join affiliates too. thanks for the heads up. :)

lady influence said...


wow, i love to join your contest.. i'll check your site to know more about it.. thanks for the information..

lady influence said...

no probs doorlight.. how was your withdrawal??

doorlight said...

Lady, I saw my EON online account and saw the money na. *giggles* you are right, bank account option is faster than the card. I just waited for a couple of days lang.

I made the withdrawal last Friday.

Take care.

lady influence said...


congrats! faster talaga pag withdraw to bank.. ill withdraw tomorrow as well.. :)

kirbitz said...

Thanks for the comments lady!

Well, I wish you all the best with affiliate programs. Im earning lowest than ever but i have my sight on the bigger fish there is.

Wish me luck. ;)

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