Friday, March 7, 2008


Finally, after all the waiting and the speculations and the doubts and everything, I have a proof of payment from AWSURVEY! Like what I said in my other post there are many articles about AWSURVEY as a scam. I was skeptic when I first joined but I still joined. I join many money making program as long as its free. My motto is this "Join as long as it's free, If it's a scam just leave in a graceful exit!" Heheheheh!

So anyway, I earned $75 from AWSURVEYS but only got $50 because of the $25 fee for the speedy payment . See image below. It really pays to venture into new money making sites and sometimes just join for the sake of trying your luck even if others advise the opposite. If I had believed in what other people said and did not join AWSURVEYS I wouldn't have earned this amount. $50 is almost 2,000 pesos in the Philippines. It's a big money for us pinoys.

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If you decide to join AWSURVEYS please never ever cheat! If you do you won't get paid for sure. They will catch you later on. Just play fair and square.

By the way, you will notice that the $50 is still unclaimed. I have a personal account with paypal and since I was paid using a credit card I need to upgrade to premier or business account to accept the payment. I am confused if I shoud upgrade or not considering the fee involved per payment received in premier account which is 2.9% plus $.30 conversion fee. If you'd like to share your thoughts on the matter, that would help me decide.

Meanwhile to join the latest earning site that paid me- just visit AWSURVEYS!

Update: Please don't waste your time with AWSURVEYS. After having been paid more than once, they stopped paying me. They reduced the number of referrals I have, without explanation. Complaints, inquiries were never answered. My last payment was denied. I emailed them. I was hopeful. No replies. Then after a few more days, my account was suspended. Please stop wasting your time with AWSURVEYS.

Before I was one of those who defended AWSURVEYS. I know I brought a lot people to the site, and many of them have been scammed too. My apologies. We are all victims here. Guess, everyone else was right. It only pays you for the first few payouts, then suspends your account if they think you are making more money from them.

Don't be fooled like many of us.

Make money online the legitimate way. Don't get scammed!


silvertooth26 said...

I joined this today, but it seems that a lot of the surveys do not allow us to participate as we are in the philippines... so how long before you reached the $75?

lady influence said...

in my case i think about 3 weeks.. Just keep logging in to see new surveys.. Also work on your referrals. You will reach the payout soon.

mayenskie said...

wow lady congrats! finally i get to see real payment galore na pod ka?

i am a member of this site too.. but im not that active after i read so many cried scam. but then, you got a proof that they do pay so i might as well log in to my AW survey account now and start completing surveys!

check out my blog, i also got another paid survey program.

VampireXxX said...

Hi, still remember me ?? I think not hehehe

Now that is something, I always think this site is scam so I never join. Maybe I should give it a try, will use your link if I join.

Anyway PayPal can withdraw to bank account. Or you need to make a trade from your PayPal. Either using an exchanger or other method.

Anonymous said...



Drunken Dragon said...

Hmm, sounds good, going to their site. Thanks for sharing

Guide-Online-Surveys said...
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Harvi said...

it happened with me also the not only subtract money from the survey that i conducted but also they did paid me for over 280 referals which i have created. they paid me nothing for that. they took all the money.they don't reply to tickets, they have scammed soooo many people, it makes me sick.

ketan dhallu said...

iam doing ciao it pays for reviews and pays via paypal account join here
payout at 5$ i think for reviews the person should be technical i made 3.01$ in 4 days

*** said...


LocateBlogger said...

I never thought that they actually pay.I guest I'll give it a try and log in back to my old account.Thanks for posting the payment proof.

tapanm said...

It is my first time,I redeem my payment after reaching $75 on 26/6/09,but still not transfer to my paypal a/c.I have informed 3times in three different tickets.All the reply showed 'RESOLVED'
Please advice because they stopped receiving further complain.Even no response by mail also

lady said...


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