Sunday, March 9, 2008

Make Money With Yieldy at $1 Payout

Yieldy is a new advertising company wherein bloggers can earn money by simply placing banner ads in their blogs. There is no requirement such as page rank or the number of impressions per month that your site gets. New blogs and old blogs are welcome. It's a pay per click program so you get paid per click. The minimum payout is low at only $1, sent through your paypal account on a monthly basis. This is what I like the most. The low payout is achievable in a month's time so you can make money really fast. This is in comparison to Google Adsense or Adbrite or Bidvertiser and other ppc program. The program is still new and I'll be keeping an eye on how this program turns out in a few months.

This is how the yieldy banner looks like. The banner changes from time to time as there is a rotation of Advertisers. The ads can also look really flashy and interactive at times quite similar to the ads at widgetbucks.For a live sample just scroll down this page to see the live Yieldy Banner that I am currently using. It's just below the google search box. Yieldy has no referral program. But perhaps there will be one soon so that bloggers can make more money. Anyway if you are curious you can check yieldy here.

Important Update: A friend told me about Adsense ads showing in the yieldy banner. According to Adsense Policies, two publisher IDs in one blog is not allowed. So for now be cautious in placing the yieldy code to your blogs. I will investigate further and will keep you updated. Just to be safe: Don't use Yieldy together with your adsense ads.


gusher said...

hi there lady,

jaz want to ask how to sell ebooks online, i want to sell one but i don't know how to, is there any affiliate program for it? i saw that you're selling ebook,

lady influence said...

yes there are affiliate programs for it.. the ebook you see in this blog is from the 7dollarbooks dot com.. you can visit the site and register. just follow the steps. if you get a sale, the money is sent directly to your paypal account. try it and let me know if you make money from it.

doorlight said...

I tried it pero i wonder kung allowed ng adsense ito? kasi nasa rotation din ang adsense eh. I wonder kung kaninong account yung adsense ng yieldy. natatakot tuloy akong gamitin. lol. tsaka di ba hanggang 3 lang na adsense ads ang allowed? pag nirerefresh ko, ung isa kong adsense sa sidebar nawawala kasi nga may dumagdag na adsense, so apat na bali ang adsense ang nag-aappear sa blog ko which is automatic, nawawala ung pang-apat. sana wala nang adsense silang sinama. okay na sana ung iba.

what do you think, lady?

lady influence said...

ganun ba? that's scary.. buti pa you don't use it muna bawal kasi sa adsense yung two Publisher IDs in one blog.. I will update the post to include your latest discovery.. Thanks for letting me know of this..

doorlight said...

Yep. Btw, 468x60 ung ginamit kong ad kanina pero tinanggal ko na.

lady influence said...

ako din i took off the ad na.. i will place it in my other blogs with no adsense and let's see if I make money..

buti na lang you discovered it agad.. patay sana yung adsense natin..

Anonymous said... here.
hope you can help me.
nabasa ko about me mo, napahanga ako. im almost 3months in blogging my earning is not satisfying.
do help me. thanks

lady influence said...

hello hilig-pinoy.. may i know how you monetize your site?

Anonymous said...
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