Saturday, March 1, 2008

PBCash Withdrawal

I joined the gpt program- PBCash last February 24, 2008 and believe me I cashed out $18 the next day. I did not make a post about this until now because I wasn't paid yet. Today I checked my PBCASH account and found out that my $18 withdrawal was denied for no reasons. It was denied. I speculate that the reason was that they raised the minimum withdrawal from $15 to $20 and since I was $2 short my withdrawal was denied. PB Cash, make money online

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The change in the payment terms appears to have a retroactive effect. So anyway, I aready sent a message to the admin to inquire on my denied withdrawal. I also made a new withdrawal just today because the $18 previous earnings and the $16.5 I recently earned was summed up. So I withdraw $34.5 today. I just hope the site would pay me. It's a new gpt program and it is too generous in the money they give to members who complete an offer. Just take a look at the offers below and the corresponding pay per completion.

It sounds too good to be true but well, I just gave it a try. GPT programs especially when they are new often pay their members. PBCASH is a new GPT program and it is because of this reason that I gave it a try. It pays bi weekly too. I won't recommend the program for now since I have not been paid. As for my AWSurvey payment I am still waiting for it in my paypal. All of the payments if these programs pay will be posted here.

UPDATE! This site is a SCAM!


gusher said...


i've also requested a payout today, my balance is $28. now my withdrawal is pending, how many days does they process the withdrawals?


lady influence said...

hi gusher.. i contacted them already.. the payout should have been last march 1. the original terms was that the payment is every two weeks.

Their explanation was that all withdrawals were denied because they had a glitch in the system which gave every member $10 each for every referral they bring.

and so I ask them when will i get my withdrawal. The reply was that next month, which means this april. WTF! mukhang scam nga talaga sila.

i appealed and requested that they send me my earnings kasi it was the fault of their system naman not my fault. Wala pang reply.. Waiting pa rin ako.. i did not make any offers na..waste of time lng if they won't pay.

Gusher said...

thanks for the info lady, hindi muna q mgco2mplete ng offers, i'm planning sana n ipost q xa blog q kso hndi p cla nkapag.payout skin,

lady influence said...

no probs gusher..i still hope they will pay us.. bago pa kasi ang site and alam mo na if new pa usually ng babayad yan tapos pg medyo matagal na, yun nagiging scam site na.. so lets just see..:)

Gusher said...

hi lady,

i've send a trouble ticket w/ regard for my payout, and they replied that they would send it on april 1, grrrrrrrr! still less than a month to wait.

Jess said...

Hi everyone.
I joined a few weeks ago and requested payout. I got an email a week later saying everyone would be payed on April 1st too. Is it supposed to be some sort of April Fools joke or what? Going through the site, a lot of the links are dead. I'm starting to think the site's too good too be true. It's a shame

lady influence said...

hi jess.. the site looks like a scam. the moment they denied all withdrawals they were 98 percent scam to me.. i don't promote it now but I would wait until the 1st of april to see if they really pay.. if not, time to leave the program and find other ways to make money from...

Anonymous said...

PBCash is a huge scam. I cashed out at the end of Feb. like everyone else and had payment denied because of the glitch. I resubmitted my withdraw on March 1st and was told I'd get mt payment on April 1st. Then today I go to logon and I'm marked as cheater!! Completely impossible since 95% of my earnings were referral earnings, I only did 3 offers and they were almost a month ago. I emailed asking why I was marked as cheater and I got this response back... "you committed fraudulent activity." End of story nothing else. I emailed back but am not expecting to hear any more. It wouldn't bother me so much but my cashout was for $88 and this month I was already at $65... all referral earnings. Whoever runs that site should fry!!!

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