Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Huge Traffic from Edison Chen Sex Scandal

The Edison Chen sex scandal search fever is not yet over. My Lady's Confession blog for instance gets massive traffic after I wrote on article about Edison Chen's sex scandal a few days ago. My A Lady's Confession blog ranks very well in yahoo for Edison Chen Sex Scandal. See images below.Edison Chen sex photosedison chen sex scandal

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The lesson for today is to capitalize on hot issues. You just don't know how much traffic you could be getting. Traffic is money and you know that. It's not yet too late to talk on Edison Chen's scandals. Try it out. The searches are still as high as before. I talked about the scandal really late but I still managed to make it to the first page in yahoo. I did not submit my article to digg or to stumbleupon or to any bookmarking site. I think the fact that a few sites linked to my article boost up my rankings. There was no sweat getting that SERP. Capitalize on recent issues and make money from it! Getting a good SERP is not guaranteed but it's worth the try. You can even write about the Edison scandal now and test it yourself.


Home based Jobs/ opportunities said...


I once wrote what I thought was a lousy and useless article but it was featured in a popular social bookmarking site and got hundreds of readers per day (for that particular article). Additional traffic poured for mofre than a month. The down side is, that article didnt get me a single adsense click.

I still get most of my money from outsourced jobs.

What's your experience about this?


lady influence said...

thanks for dropping by.

in my case it also depends on the keywords.. say for edison chen the pay per click is not so high so even if I get 50 in my adsense ads a day I still get a little money. but if say there are 300 clicks a day that would cause a dramatic increase in revenue.

but sometimes even if there are not that many visitors I sometimes hit high paying keywords that pay almost a dollar or more per click.
so less visitors does not always translate to less money.

if your site has a lot of traffic and you are not making much from adsense, then try putting on affiliate links on the popular article, or you can make use of pay per impression programs like voxant or pop up traffic.

My suggestion is don't stick with adsense. Try different earning opportunities. Good luck!

jwbennett said...

Great Post

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