Monday, March 3, 2008

Privacy Policy Required By Adsense

Google Adsense has updated its Terms and Conditions and required all publishers to have a Privacy Policy in their sites. I have not accepted the new terms and conditions yet as I still need to read it again.But I already implemented the required Privacy Policy in some of my blogs including this Make Money Online blog. Thanks to Pinoy Money Talk for providing sample privacy policy which by the way I just copied and pasted on my blogs. Of course you can change the policy according to your own terms. You can check on my Privacy Policy following this link. You can use my privacy policy and or incoporate your own terms in it.

I have not accepted the new Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense yet as I will have to read it again. I am super busy with school so I will deal with everything regarding adsense when all my final examinations are over. Publishers have up to May 5, 2008 to accept the new terms and policies. After the lapse of the said period and publishers have not yet accepted the policy they will no longer be able to access their adsense accounts. In short accounts get terminated!


Gusher said...


i've made a link for you entitled "Pinoy Money Talk", just want to help you, ;)

fucc said...

i've Used your privacy policy on my blog! thanks!

EntrepreNars said...

oops..same tayo template..hehe

lady influence said...

hehehe... yup same tayo ng template.. thanks for dropping by..

Dyimz said... to exchange links?=]

Dyimz said...

oops..I forgot to tell you, my blog is EntrepreNarsbr/>

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