Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Get Paid to Post Program- BloggersReviews

Honestly, I thought this type of money making program is dying due to big G's disgust on selling links. I'm pretty surprised with the emergence of new get paid to post or get paid to review program, such as this one I am about to introduce to all of you. Okay, I am not sure when this program started but it's my first time to ever heard of this so this must be a newbie in the review programs.

There's no point of explaining how it really works. Do a review in favor of a particular advertiser, post it in your blog or website with the required links and you get paid. Yeah, just the same with Smorty, Sponsoredreviews and PPP.

So if you are running out of offers from other Get Paid to Review Programs, then an alternative or an addition should I say, is available- BloggersReview.

For Other important FAQ about this money making program:

  • Page Rank- is not a factor but the higher the PR, the better and more opportunities there are.
  • Eligibility- worldwide users are welcome.
  • Number of Blogs allowed- as many as you have.
  • You set your Review Price
  • Words per Post- 150-400 words
  • Payment- Bi-weekly via Paypal
  • 35% fee is applied to every review you complete. (too high don't you think?!)
If you are interested click the banner below and learn more about this new money making site.

Allow me to emphasize once more that payment is bi-weekly so getting compensated for your work is fast. And the next payment is scheduled on the first of May. If you make a review ASAP, you'd get paid in a span of a day counted from now April 30,2008. Now if this site will pay or not, don't hesitate to share your experiences so that others will know.


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