Monday, April 21, 2008

Got a Few Cents From Paid To Promote

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A fellow pinoy blogger- Gusher who also wants to make money online, introduced me to Paid-To-Promote program. I wasn't really interested because I still have that trauma brought about by Pay-ads' malware. Aside from that I was expecting a little money from this type of program unless you have a massive amount of traffic. After quite some time, I decided to try the program.

I placed the code they provided to one of my blogs and then I got credited for the traffic coming from United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia, provided the user stays in my blog for 5 seconds. Payment is automatic through e-gold or paypal on the 15th and 30th of every month. While they say the minimum payout is $1, I got paid for less than a dollar twice in my paypal account. See pay history below as well as my paypal account.

proof of payment, make money onlinePaid To Promote pay history
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Paypal payment from Paid-To-Promote
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The money I have earned from this program is really very little in contrast to $11 a day I was making from Pay-ads before. If you decide to join this make money online program, I suggest you place it in celebrity or game blogs. Traffic is what makes you money from this kind of program. If you have say a thousand visitors a day, you could make at least a dollar a day, which is tantamount to $30 a month- the least!

So far I have not experienced any complaints on malware or redirection in the blog where I placed the Paid-To-Promote code. That's a good sign. After some more time, I shall place the code in this blog and in my other blogs to double the money I make from this program. Visit the Paid To Promote now!

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Gusher said...

Congratulations lady!!! That program was good even though I'm receiving a too low payments but it will increase soon. Hehehehe

They had paid me 4 times. :)

Freezine said...

Hi Lady it seems that you are currently fixing your blog template right now :-)...

Paid-to-promote programs are just one of the many ways to earn easy money online. Myster-e-mails can be one of the best paying paid-to-promote programs too (actually it's primarily a paid-to-read program). I have been paid twice via my PayPal with only $0.01 USD and $0.04 USD. My very first payments online :-)...

btw: I've been following your blog and I can see lots of improvements. keep it up and i believe you will earn more.

lady influence said...

thanks for introducing this program to me gusher..

ang liit lang ng kita but okay na rin..hehehhe... twice pa lang ako nabayaran..

lady influence said...

hello freezine.. yes am fixing my blogger template.. i just discovered my blog looked really bad with IE so I decided to do a major change.. it's very tiring to change a template but i have to for my reader's convenience and to my contentment..

i haven't heard of myster e mails but will try to look into it..

thank you for being a reader of my blog.. i dont have lots of posts lately due to some important priorities..

am still earning at least $500 a month despite my absence online ..heheh..

booblemoofie said...

ano pong hitsura ng ads ng paid-to-promote?

nga pala i got accepted sa blogtoprofit and loudlaunch! ung sa blogtoprofit they pay via western union (in pesos), i will be paid sa may 2, 2008 ipopost ko kapag nabayaran na nila ko! have u try the 2?

Dropship Supplier said...

whoa, are those golden coints new or something? they look pretty sweet.

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