Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ximmy Proof Of Payment

At last I have a proof of payment to show to everyone that Ximmy really pays. I just got my payment moments ago. I did request for payment the other day but it seems there's still a problem with the "Redeem Rewards" button. I sent an email to the ximmy admin through the contact us link and they were prompt enough to respond, asking me for my ximmy password and paypal address. Just hours after I sent them the required information, I got my first Ximmy pay worth $30. Click the pictures below to enlarge.

ximmy payment
ximmy proof of payment
So there it is guys. I got paid to submit interesting stories, articles, pictures and videos. I reached the 1000 points quite fast. These past days i was averaging at least 100 points a day.

Just a reminder. For a thousand points you get $10. But there's a special promo going on which I'm afraid will last only until June, wherein you get extra $20 for your first pay. That explains the $30 I received.

My tips to get the 1000 points fast, take advantage of making reviews at ximmy which gives you 4 points.

Lets do an easy math:

20 reviews/day x 4points= 80 points/ day
80 points/day x 7days= 560 points
80 points/da x 14 days= 1120 points.

If you join now you can cash out in a matter of 14 days. Plus if your submissions make it to the popular page (requires 5 votes) you get instant 15 points. It's easy to achieve a thousand points. But don't forget to make friends with other ximmy members. For friends are the ones who will vote on your submissions. Interested? Want the $30? Make money online now!


Yasrama said...

Woow... Congratulation. I never get paid big as you did. I have to try it. Thanks for the information.

lady influence said...

thanks yasrama. you should try ximmy. i find it easy to make $10 compared to clicking ads. i urge you to join and avail of the promo.. good luck and thanks for visiting my blog.

Ideal Choice said...

Looks very intersting!I will join Ximmy today and try it out.

Btw, i like the way you are informing people about the spammy services.

Mel said...

Been always your avid readers your blog inspires me a lot. Keep posting very informative tips

lady influence said...

@ideal choice

thanks for that.. i feel it's my unwritten obligation to tell my readers about scam sites that i discover. if i get scammed, i don't want them to experience the same thing.

lady influence said...


thanks a lot mel..
well, i will be busy for my review so i might not be able post on a regular basis but will try though..

thanks for reading my blog. i appreciate it a lot..

suspect said...

I'm making my way to reach 1000 points to get payout! Congratulations by way!

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