Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Someone Copied My Post!

I already reached the 5 Referrals required for Customorderthis but I need to complete an offer so that I could request the $250 payment. I was browsing online for more information about this matter, particularly on pinoys having been paid by customorderthis. I stumbled upon this site: webcodigos dot blogspot dot com. (Just type it directly in your browser, i don't intend to pass link juice to this blog). I read his post about $250 for 5 Referrals. Right from the very start I realized i wrote that same article already, word for word, period to period in this very blog- Make Money Online. Check my post here.

This is a screenshot of the original post I made.

This is the screenshot of the copied article in webcodigos dot blogspot dot com.
Note: the blog is webcodigos and yeah right, it copied my article.

The rather unethical author copied my entire post word for word projecting and misleading people to thinking that he wrote that article by himself. What a stupidity! Come on, I wrote that article and someone will copy paste it in his blog and claim it as his.

I do understand that bloggers can link to other blogger's posts. But we're talking of linking here not entirely copying someone else's work. If this blogger like my post he could just have re-worded it in his own terms and then linked back to my original post. Or else copy the first paragraph and then provide a "read more" button pointing to the original article. But no he deliberately copied everything!

You know the consequences of having duplicate content. It is harmful to my blog.

Someone really needs to learn his lesson! Sorry dude! What you've done ain't right! And am not going to let you go away with it! For now I'm asking that you remove the article that you copied from my blog ASAP. If you don't I will have to report you.


jack said...

copying other people's work is bad.. go ahead report that blogger!

doorlight said...

it's a bull! ang bobo naman niya.

lady influence said...

thanks for the comment jack... i will really report him if he does not take down the copied article.

lady influence said...

hi doorlight!

thanks sa comment.. kakainis talaga kinopya lahat ng article word for word..

anyway, i will report him soon.. bigyan ko muna ng chance..

how was your ximmy experience?
ako busy ako sa review class ko kaya i'm seldom online..

goodluck sa lahat ng online money making activities mo.. :)

doorlight said...

mejo busy kaya nakakalimutan kong pumunta sa ximmy. hehehe. malapit pa naman na ung deadline para sa bonus na 20usd. hehe.

good luck din!

Jenna said...

Very unethical and it shows poor character!

lady influence said...

thanks Jenna.
it's disappointing to see someone just copy your post.. the post is not removed up to now.. im still giving the blogger some more days. hopefully he acts on the matter soon..

thanks for the visit.:)

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