Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Get Paid to Blog Program- Get Paid To Post!

It feels kind of awkward to talk about a get paid to blog program while the page rank update is still fresh and hot! But anyway, this is what this make money online blog is all about- to bring to you the latest ways to make money online.

My special thanks to "doorlight" for the heads up on this one.
I just joined under your referral! :)

Anyway, another program that pays you to blog, to review certain products, websites or services just launched. Again I won't dig into how this Get Paid to Blog or Get Paid to Review programs work as I don't want to insult your intelligence. My readers are smart (wink!)

The new money making program is known as GetPaidToPost.

Quick FAQ:
  • Joining is free.
  • Forget about page rank, it doesn't matter in this new program. So new bloggers show that happy grin! lol..
  • Some offers don't need a blog or website. So yes, even non bloggers, non website owners can join and make money.
  • The money you could earn is $.25 per post to $100.
  • You can make as many post as you like. Sky's the limit!
  • Minimum Payout is only $10 and you can cash out any time as long as you reach that amount. But you'd typically get your money at the end of the month because payments are processed monthly.
  • Payment is by Paypal or Moneybookers.
  • The coolest part: Some offers require you to make a 10 -50 word post. How cool is that?! Just 10 words.. This may look crazy but it makes things easier for the poster. If you have a very limited vocabulary, or lack a lot of time to do long posts, this site is best for you.
For more detailed information about this new program visit Get Paid To PostSM Now!


Thomas said...

hello can we exchange links!
please link to my blog and i'll link to urs

lady influence said...

sure..i already added your link in my blogroll..let me know if you've added my link too..:)

Charlie Tan said...

Looks like there's a broken link on the "For more detailed information about this new program visit Get Paid To PostSM Now" portion.
It's looks like a good program. Maybe I can try blogging with another blogspot. Hehe

lady influence said...


hi.. thanks for letting me know of the broken link.. yeah, why not start another blogspot blog.. its free after :)

Charlie Tan said...

No problem about that. It's looks like a promising GPT post thingy. But due to time constraints... Work + blogging + business and studies... I think time factor is one thing i really lack of. Haha...

lady influence said...

same here charlie.. im on an extensive review for a board exam.. im also busy and very seldom do i check on my blogs but when i do i'd spend a lot of

im always studying everyday despite teh fact that im a graduate already..

but you are good you've earned a lot in the past month.. you are really learning and earning a lot.. am happy for you.

berto said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
James said...

Does paid blogging still works for any site? I've heard they are considered as spams right now

lady influence said...

@james.. it still works james. as a matter of fact there are more and more get paid to review programs emerging in the net.. i don't know how google will deal with this.

jenskye said...

hello po..pwede magtanong? i joined pepperjam po kasi but i don't know how to start.. how does it work po ba? sana u can help with this.. tnx po ha.. sorry sa abala ha..

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