Saturday, May 3, 2008

Still A Fat Zero and a Banned Blog!

So there was a Page Rank Update for April 29 2008. I don't know if the updating is over or is still going on at the moment. How did your blog rank with the recent Page Rank update? Did you get a Page Rank? Did you lose your Page Rank? Any changes?!

A lot of my friends in the blogosphere got good Page Rank or at least a PR or 1. Some of my friends blogs which were penalized by my friend Google the other time around got their PRs back. The penalty was lifted so to speak. You are all lucky guys!

In my case, this blog is still a big fat zero. Google has not lifted the penalty they gave me! I don't want to think of it but I can't close my eyes to the reality. I've stopped paid reviews long time ago. The question though is how come I still do not get my PR back? I can't stop but feel disappointed at how things are turning for me and my blogs. Did you know that two blogs of mine got penalized? The Lady's Confession blog and this Make Money Online blog. This PR update is a much awaited update because I was hoping to get my PR 4 back for both sites. Prior to the PR Update, my two blogs were predicted at a PR 4 or a PR 5.

Other than the worst PR 0, nothing is more worst than getting banned from the Search Engine! Yes getting banned, that's when you can't find your blog in the Search Engine Results for all your optimized keywords. All the months of hard work down to the drain!

Do you know which blog was a banned completely? Not this one otherwise you won't be reading this by now. My Lady's Confession blog was dropped from the SERP- where I used to get a least a 100 to 300 visitors a day. Even when I type the words "A Lady's Confession" the blog does not appear. Google must really hate me! Really Really hate me!

You know that feeling when you feel like you've been grabbed of something that you already achieved! That's just what I felt. I worked hard for the SERP and everything. I never do Black SEO as I don't even know how it works. I try to play by the rules. The only mistake I ever did and which I acknowledge and feel really sorry for is doing those paid opportunities for these two blogs. But take note that since the first penalty I never did any sponsored posts anymore. Page Rank may have lost it's importance as perceived by a lot of people but as long as it's still existing i'd like to have it than none at all.

So when will Google lift the penalty it has imposed on my blogs? In perpetuity, like reclusion perpetua? I hope not. I remember in less than 3 months of blogging I already got the PR 4 for both blogs. Now it is so hard to get it back. My blogs fate rest in the hands of Google now!

So am a bit sad about what's happening. But nonetheless, there is always a reason to smile. My Pinoy Dollar Quest blog got a Page Rank of 2. So for that I am thankful to Google and to those bloggers who linked to my blog/s.


Charlie Tan said...

It is known that Google updates PageRank every 3 month. That's what I read from the internet. However, updating PageRank can be very very very very (Ok, multiply "very" by 100 times) complicated. That's why it took so long to update. There are even flaws in PageRanks. Haha... But I am not going to talk about those flaws. My advise is just try to get links from higher PR pages and little outlinks websites. Then it will be better for you and others!

lady influence said...

yes certainly there are flaws on how page rank is calculated. Well, what's left for me to do is to get those needed backlinks from high PR sites..
and hope that google will lift the penalty it has imposed on my blogs..

congratulations to you for getting a PR 3.. how was your money making ventures online?

Charlie Tan said...

I believe your website definitely has the power to overcome mine. It has more inlinks compared to mine... I guess mine is just 30-40% of yours... Maybe you can consider getting more inlinks from squidoo too. I thinking to build a series of intensive SEO lenses in there. Hopefully it works!

Thanks for the congratulations. Hehe. Actually, I did discover a method to earn money easily but now it's not working. Made 600USD in the past 2-3months... haha... Now still trying...

lady influence said...

whaat?!! now you really have to tell me what that earning site is.. you've got to email me everything..hehehhe..

really am serious.. here's my email address:

come on charlie... ill wait for your email.. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I checked some of your keyword ("A Lady's Confession" and spaceofinfluence) on Google and Yahoo and you are on the no.1 spot.

I think there's not much trouble with a PR of 0 as long as traffic is coming to your site.

Charlie Tan said...

Don't worry... I am still trying out the method I'm using... Basically it's the same as Adsense... but it's much more easier... Adsense needs clicks but that one do not need clicks. It's all display based. But it's not working now... I still trying it out... Will be sharing once it's working. :)

lady influence said...

thanks charlie.. ill wait for your info..

Peter said...

Well, does a Google PageRank really matter so much at the moment? The PR becomes more and more useless these days. I think, all what really counts is the traffic you get to your sites.
My blog for example went from a PR0 to a PR2, but the traffic hasn't changed a single percent and I'm ranked in the SERPS as high/low as before the latest upgrade.

Anyway, good incoming links won't hurt your blog. I personally have joined some weeks ago, it's like Text-Link-Ads for example, except Google won't punish you for buying and/or selling links. Big G can't distinguish between your "real" links and bought ones from (they have some special scripts running).

Good luck to your blogs!


lady influence said...


I just really want to get my PR back. i know it's not that important anymore. We can't even rely on it in terms of credibility. But I know i lost my PR not because i lack the needed backlinks but because i got penalized. So i hope to see the penalty lifted up..

i checked your site. Congrats on the Page Rank and the Alexa Rank as well.

you are also doing well with hmm that's interesting.. i think i have an account already but i never am active. on second thought i might check it now..hehehe.

thanks for dropping by..:)

Susan Parr said...

I decided 2 months ago I was going to IGNORE my pagerank and just try and concentrate on added new content as often as possible. One day I would have a rank and the next day I wouldn't.

Banner Boy said...

We jumped from no PR to PR3. (New site,

As far as your site being banned, if you didn't do any black hat, than I'm willing to bet it was a duplicate content filter. Do you post your content in multiple places?
Can you find your banned site under ANY keywords?
Did you change the title bar or add a redirect?
Good luck,
"Banner Boy"

lady influence said...

@susan parr

thanks for the visit. it's been a long while of not having any PR for this blog and before i used to get the top 14 spot for the keyword make money online and that's without a PR. So PR may not really be that of much weight in terms of SERP.

I'm just trying to get used to not having a PR for. I know I deserve one and it will come sooner or

now i've lost my SERP for "make money online" but am doing well in other keywords.. Weird because I never do any optimization for these keywords..

anyway, thanks for the comment.. hope you can drop by again.

lady influence said...

@banner boy

i don't do black SEO. it could be a duplicate content as I sometimes submit my articles to article directories. I still see my blog in very rare keywords.. it's not totally out of the SERP now. So lets see if i get my SERP back..

congrats on your PR..

rohman said...

Hi Lady! thanks for stopping to my blog, your blog is so very beautiful blog. Look fresh and clean.

KantonFC said...

Ok lang yan, ako nga e yung blog kong may PR2 iniwan ko na lng basta sa ere e.

Mahirap talagang kalaban si 'G', kung ayaw sayo ni 'G' e d kay 'Y!' ka na lang.:D

lady influence said...


hehehe.. oo nga.. ill work on getting a good rank in Y..hehhe..

why abandon the PR 2? Sayang naman..

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