Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Reason Why You Should Join

Probably you have heard about And lets just say you did not bother joining. The £3 per month from placing banners in your site is not appealing. It's not a famous money making program after all so you thought.

That's a huge mistake on your part if you did not join, especially if you are a Filipino. Remember this program only requires you to place a banner or a link in your blog/s per month and you get paid £3 for every link. Just a link and you forget about it and at the end of the month you collect your cash.

Pound is huge monetary value. It has the better if not the best conversion rate as of the moment. That £3 is equivalent to these.

£3= 277.38 pesos
£3= $5.8712

The £3 is the least you could get every month. But more sites means more earnings for you. allows you to place ads to as many as 4 pages per website.

Let's calculate. If you have 4 sites enrolled to,---


4 links x 4 blogs= 16 links per month

Total monthly earnings: 16 x £3=48
Conversion: £48 = $93.938 | 4,011.641 pesos

now what if you have 6 websites, that
s £72 or
$140.9076 or 6,017.461 pesos
(am using yahoo's currency converter)

I tell you that's a big amount already, especially if you are struggling to make money from adsense. Best of all, that's passive income! Place links and forget about it, then collect your cash every month. is a legit site so set aside your worries.

If you make a wise decision to join now, you will avail of the £5 start up bonus. Payments are made via paypal, or bank transfer. If cash is starting to pour on you, don't forget to drop by and tell me of your success. Here's a quick link to! Good luck and may we all make money from this program!


bloggista said...

Great site ha. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Btw, I signed up Clickbooth thru your referral link. More power!

Make Money Online w/ Gusher said...

hi there lady,

i'm also a member of, and last thursday the admin has emailed me for my first payout, hehe, and i'm expecting for my first £5 next week. have you been approved by them?

lady said...


thanks for using my referral link..
may you make more money online as well..:)


yup been approved.. congrats on your first pay. how much have you earned last april all in all?

Dollar dude said...

Yes...Just now signed I got approved for my pet site ( Thanks for your info!!! Will they pay for affiliates? I have sent 15 affiliates through forums and is reflected in my account also...

Ways for teens to make money online said...

Very nice site. I can get more information to improve my site. Thanks for your post.

pofeck said... is a scam. They don't pay or answer emails. I've had their ads up on my sites for over two months and they dont even reply to emails. Be warned does not pay!

lady said...

am sorry to hear about your experience but so far the site has been paying me every month. So im liking it a lot.

lady said...

yes they have an affiliate program..goodluck.

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