Sunday, May 18, 2008

Investing in a $1 Ebook

When you are earning more and more money online as a blogger without investing any money, you come to think of how much you could have earned if you had spent some money. In my case I started making money without any investment. I only use free blogs. Then there are earning programs that promise better profit if you invest a few dollars which I eventually was persuaded to do later on. And so far all my little monetary investments have returned to me in multiple folds.

Just today I bought a new ebook worth $1. It's so cheap and with the information it contains I decided to invest my $1 or 41 Pesos. What's a dollar in exchange of a useful information on money making. I am hopeful that my one dollar investment will make me extra richer in the coming days as I implement the new found knowledge that this ebook has imparted to me.

This is what the ebook promises, just so that you will know:

You get a short 15-page e-book and that will tell you everything you need to know to to start your own online money making business without selling/promoting anything.

And of course you don't need to invest a single cent to make $$$ with my recommended program. Your investment is just $1 to send you the valuable tips, that I found and am now earning serious income with little effort.

What do you think!?! You can start earning Right Now.. It will take just 5 minutes to start after you download the 15-page e-book. In addition, I will send you another Great tip to get free traffic for your blog site...

I explain everything with Illustrations, So It's easy to understand.

The ebook is again only $1- the cheapest ebook about making money online. If you want a copy of it you can go to their website and order one for yourself. Go to the $1 Ebook website.


bloggista said...

That's one good investment. I too, use that same method. YOu earn from nothing then invest your earnings to help you earn even more. Goodluck.

Make Money w./ Gusher said...

hi there, juar bought the ebook from your site, :)

Verity said...

hi lady, how are you? i would appreciate it if you could try to visit my blog and leave some comments. I do want to raise some revenues, too.

Mr.Earn said...

hmm... can you send that e-book to me ?? i'll give u 50 cents?? :P
give me ur paypal

lady said...


yup i already visited your blog.. i will add my comments soon.. you need some help with a lot of things.

@Mr. Earn
I am afraid i can't give the download link for the ebook. You will have to go their site and buy it. You are earning a lot so you won't have any problem buying the ebook (wink)..:) thanks for the visit.

Roy Phay said...

Hi lady,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience! I'm always looking for ways to improve myself and I'm glad to have found your blog. Thank you for sharing with us.


Ways for teens to make money said...

I also make money online with my blog. i have used google adsense on it. Normally i earn little money. I think with this information will be helpfull to increase my earnings.

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