Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Happened to the SERP?!

I believe I am not the only one noticing the changes in the SERP lately. There's a change in my google rankings in a lot of my blogs, not only in terms of my major keywords, but also in other keywords. I googled the net to investigate and see if I am not the only one affected. Indeed as speculated, some bloggers are also experiencing the same fluctuations in SERP especially blogspot users.

My standing for the keywords "make money online", "teens make money online", "ways for teens to make money online" is very unsteady these past days. While before I used to rank in the 4th t0 5th spot for "teens make money online", I can't find myself in the top 100 anymore. (Sad).

Google could be cleaning out the blogosphere, or it could be that it's up to something again like a change on how it ranks websites or this could be related to the upcoming page rank update. Probably this could just be part of the google dance as well.

But whatever the cause is, it's wise to play safe. That is re-check your posts for duplicate content, build more backlinks, and stay away from p--Aid posts. I have this strong feeling that the PR update is coming so soon.


Drunken Dragon said...

Maybe it just only because the google sandbox. have any idea about it?

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