Sunday, July 6, 2008

$1 Million From Adsense In a Day!

OMG! Is this for real??!

Many bloggers including myself find a hard time making a decent $5 a day. In fact much more bloggers are not making a dollar a day from adsense. But here's a guy claiming to have made over a $1 million from Adsense in one day. Yes, that's only for a day. He is super rich if this is for real. That's more than $12 million in a year's time. Woow! He's got a youtube video to prove it. I don't believe this crap but it's up to you to decide. Watch the video below.


Anonymous said...

that's not real. that's a fake video. It's edited.

Anonymous said...

that's impossible.

Even high profile sites don't earn a million in a day.

Jerminix said...

It cannot be true, videos, websites or pictures can be easily manipulated. That can only be a gimmick to advertised some money making schemes

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lady said...

@ anonymous

I agree. It's very impossible to earn that much. Thanks for the visit.

your link is added already. dami mo na sites ah.. marami ka na rin pera..galing!

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