Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Earn $50 For Mentioning RevResponse

This is probably the best offer I have encountered this month of July 2008. RevResponse, the money making program I failed to tell you about is actually holding a July Challenge to all it's members, giving away a whooping $50 just for mentioning RevResponse. Of course, with this kind of offer, there's no reason to reject it. What is required is ony a 200 word article and they'll instantly credit $50 to your existing RevResponse Account.

If you haven't signed up for RevResponse, it's time to hurry up because this July Challenge last only until July. That's just a matter of two weeks more or less. Sign Up Now!

RevResponse is free to join. You earn money by offering free resources to your blog's visitors. You can get paid at most $1.5 per lead or per download of the free resources you offer in your blog. Isn't it nice? Your visitors will not have to pay anything, not a dime, so this concept of giving free stuff really sells!

RevResponse has a low minimum payout of only $50. They pay every month. If you could get at least 3 visitors to avail of the free resources on a daily basis, you could get $4.50 a day and if you multiply that by 30 days, that's $135. Because of this potential, I am working hard now on RevResponse and see if I can pull off additional $135 in my monthly earnings as a blogger.

This is an example of RevResponse Free Resources. If you feel like helping me out, I'd appreciate it a lot!


Ambo said...

This is interesting. I'll try this out too. Thanks for mentioning this program!


lady said...

you're welcome. and thanks for visiting my blog ambo..:)

Make Money Online w/ Gusher said...

hi there lady,

actually, member dn aq nyan and i'm preparing my post. :)

dba kailangan munang i.email ung admin after u've made your post?

lady said...

hi gusher.

gawa ka ng post muna then you email Karen. My post has been approved na..easy $50 din to..hehehe..

bm said...

totoo ba 'to? member na ko jan pero di ko pinopromote

paid ka na ba & how much yung minimum pay-out?

Make Money Online
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lady said...


totoo to..
they already approved my post.
my $50 will be credited sa august pa daw..so we shall see..

log in ka ulit sa account mo at gawa ka na ng post..sayang yung $50.

diana said...

Sounds like a cool site. I'll have to check it out for myself and use it for my blogs. thanks for the post.

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