Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mylot June 2008 Payment

This month is a not a good month for me in the sense that I have less time to blog and with that it means I have less time to earn and make money as well. Always out for a vacation with some relatives, having some troubles with my internet connection, and with $75 gone instantly because of some transactions not pushed through, this month I don't think I'd reach my goal of earning $1000.

Maybe just over $600, but still not bad. Today, I learned that MYLOT sent me $11.68 for June's earnings. It just makes me happy thinking that, I only made like 10 posts for that month and here I am $11.68 richer.

Despite how things turned out exactly the opposite of what we plan, we still need to appreciate the little things in life, like the $11.68 from MYLOT. It's enough to buy more than 10kilos of good rice here in the Philippines where we are having rice shortage problems and where commercial rice has soared so high in terms of price.


freemoneysite said...

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lady said...

sure. link added. hope to see mine too..

Boinked Pika said...

wow... this is nice. been looking for payment proof and found it here. hope u mind if i borrow it. ill link it to your blog

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