Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Forum Posting to Increase Backlinks!

Do you know that forum posting can increase your backlinks and in turn help increase your SERP ranking and even page rank? There are many forums you can join online. Most of these forums offer free signature link. You can capitalize on this by placing your link to your site. If the forum is do follow, you generate extra backlinks to your site. The more posts you have on the forum the more backlinks you get.

Now assuming that the forum is no follow, should you stop posting with your signature link then? Absolutely not. Even if the forum is no follow, you can still get traffic from your signature links. Aside from that, forum posting does tend to increase your SERP regardless if the forum is do follow or no follow. Of course, it is better if you choose forum sites which are do follow. The more posts the more backlinks. Just make sure you follow the rules in these forums and be responsible to avoid getting banned.

Good luck on making money online!


Shopping Jobs Online said...

This Forum posting is very useful to get real traffic our websites and then it may be giving us the back links to our websites if we add the signature links in dofollow forums.

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Moneymakergal said...

Yes, I have tried this, and it works wonderfully. Great tip!!

HBTech said...

Forum Posting is no doubt a good source of getting traffic and an increase in search engine rankings, as said in the post, the more posts you have on the forum, the more back links your site will get... and its all free

JohnOliver said...

Nice Post. I do agree with you. Thanks for sharing.
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