Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pinoy Money Talk's Contest

Pinoy Money Talk (PMT) has just launched three contests with some serious cash prizes. If you think of making money online then joining contests should be part of your list. Winning can give you instant cash.

PMT's three contests has a total of $150 worth of prices. Pinoy Money Talk will celebrate its 3rd year anniversary in March 2008 and that's chiefly the reason for the contests. The contests are enumerated below:

1.Valentine’s Day Message Contest (Prize: P1,000 or $25 Paypal)
2. PMT Stock Price Prediction Game (Prize: P2,000 or $50)
3. Google my PMT! (Prize: P3,000 or $75)

I'm joining the third contest. To join the third contest you just need to write an article in your blog about Pinoy Money Talk or about Pinoy Money Talk's Countdown to 3 contest and link to his website. Leave a comment at PMT's site, providing the URL of your contest entry. Optimize your post to make it top in the google search engine for the keyword "Pinoy Money Talk". If on March 14, 2008 at 9pm your blog or site ranks top at google for the keyword pinoy money talk then you win.


Anonymous said...

Nice... good luck in the contest!

admin said...

thanks..hhehehe..goodluck din sayo..

Jehzeel Laurente said...

kita kits sa first page :)

admin said...

hi jehzeel and thanks for visiting my blog.. waah! ang galing mo ata. talo na kami..wla ako know how masyada sa SEO eh.. im still perplexed how you get the 2nd page instantly.. share naman ng secrets oh..hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

Uy galing 1st page ka na/..

admin said...

hi tech at hand.. what do you mean first page.. di ko nga makita blog ko eh.. what SERP checker did you use..

Anonymous said...

Strgange.. Yesterday nakita ko doon kaya nga ako napadpad sa post na ito.. But now sad to say .. Di ko sya nakita

admin said...

thanks dexter.. yup you are right im on the 6th page na.. well i did nothing naman eh..heheheh...i don't know that much about SEO eh..

Anonymous said...

Hey lady Infuenze,

I came across your blog searching for "online contests." Here's a good one for your readers, spanish speaking and otherwise:

It's a contest that offers entrants a SUPER easy shot at winning $500 bucks. You enter free, and finalists are selected at random. If you're selected to be a finalist, you just submit a short video telling the site why you want or need the $500. The interesting part is that the site doesn't pick the winners - the entrants do. Meaning, you get all of your friends and social networks to vote for you, and the finalists with the most votes wins. Beyond that, you can vote for yourself, AS MANY TIMES as you want.

The site just launched, and since finalists haven't been selected yet, if you sign up now, your chances of winning are very, very good.

FYI, here's the URL:

Glad I found your blog...

Anonymous said...

wow! ang lalakas talaga ninyo! anyway, nakikisali lang po.

Anonymous said...

Invite kita sa seo contest ko..

please reach me sa ym: ronaldallan.mojica

Blogger said...

invite kita sa seo contest ko ..

please reach me at:

YM: ronaldallan.mojica

Anonymous said...

wow! Its amazing! Pajoin naman sa closeness nio. Well,gudlak pin0ys.

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