Friday, March 21, 2008


PBCASH is a total SCAM! Never never never join this site. Yesterday I tried to log in to my account and I was told I am a cheater! WTF!!! So I emailed PBCASH for an explanation and do you know what the reply was? A mere "thanks". That pissed me off! I was asking for an explanation why I was told a cheater. It was a potential scam in the very first place so I was expecting this but not the mere "thanks". I was thinking I'd receive a more decent explanation just for the sake of explaining. But nothing.

Remember I first cashed-out but was denied because of system problem. Then I was told i would get paid this April 1st. Now April is fast approaching and what a better way to avoid paying members than by accusing everyone of cheating. Clever but still stupid!

PBCASH- is short for Paint Ball for Cash. According to a forum I read, PBCASH is operated by a 15year old punk named Ryan Miller, a member of the paintballforum, a nuissance at cashcrate, who obviously only want to buy himself a Paint Ball.

So anyway, this 15 year old is such a s*cker!
I hate it when people scam other people. I'm glad however that I stopped completing offers weeks back.

Don't Join PBCASH and if you are already a member abandon the site immediately. By the way this is the PBCASH | Ryan Miller's email:

pbcash at

just in case you want to give this teen fellow some piece of advice on being a good boy! lol!
Let's talk of other money making programs in my next posts..


Anonymous said...

Great blog, hope to see more soon, cya

doorlight said...

awwww. i'm sorry to know that. let's kick his assss! lol.

admin said...

@erickia, thanks for that..
do visit again.

lol.. it's just part of a blogger's experience.. lets just laugh at him. there's karma and everyone will reap the consequences of his actions.

Anonymous said...

hi there Hye,

yesterday I've also checked my PBCash account and it also say's that I'm a "CHEATER", but, early of this day I've checked it again and it goes back to normal again.

hmmmmmmm, is this really a scam? maybe we could answer this as we reach the 1st if April, ;)

admin said...

i'm convinced it's a scam site.. if it pays then good..but don't expect!

Anonymous said...

oddly enough I was also marked as 'cheater' for the past week and today I was able to log in with no problems. I still believe this is a scam since he clearly told me in an email that I supposedly commited fraudulent activity and now my account is back... very odd.

admin said...


same here.. i even sent an email to the site telling them I knew exactly whats going on and that the site was only run by a 15 yr old who wants paintball cash.. they never bothered to reply or defend themselves. like you am still pretty convinced it's scam..

Anonymous said...

I checked the site this morning, and its been suspended

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