Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sell Links at Textlinkbrokers

Another money making program online!! It's I just signed up for this program a few days ago and got an email this morning informing me that this blog- a PR-4 blog is accepted to the program.

So what is
It's a program similar to Text Link Ads and Reverse Links. These are the ways to earn from this program
  • Monthly Rented Text Links (Text Link Ads). Sell text links in your site and make money. Take note it's "text links", so you spare your site of those annoying banners that your visitors might not like..
  • Hosted Marketing Pages. An additional source of money, wherein you host a new page on your site with unique content and embedded links.
The advantage of selling links.
The revenue you get from selling links in your site is not dependent on traffic or page impressions. You get a steady income even if you get only a few visitors during a somewhat bad day.

Eligibility to the Program.
To be an inventory partner and be accepted to the program, your site must have at least a Page Rank of 4. Otherwise, they won't accept you.

How much will you be earning?
It depends on the number of links you sell and your page rank, and the zone where the link is to be placed that is left side, right side or on top.

Mode of Payment: By Paypal or by Check

To get a better grasp of this program visit the site here.


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