Monday, August 27, 2007

Technorati and Alexa Rank Building

Everyone has been talking about Technorati Rank Building yet I have not heard much about Alexa Rank Building. Here's my plan-- I am aiming to get a better Technorati as well as Alexa Rank before the 15th of September. Higher Rank means better chances to make money online.

Let's see how I perform.

Here are my stats:

August 27, 2007
Technorati Rank: 69,776
Alexa Rank: 453,929

Update August 30, 2007 (Philippine Time)
Technorati Rank: 68,802
Alexa Rank: 434,346

Update August 31, 2007
Technorati Rank: 66,914
Alexa Rank: 434, 346

Update September 4, 2007
Technorati Rank:59,335
Alexa Rank: 423,443
  • See the difference?
  • Thanks to those who Techno Fave Me.. Join me now! Follow the guidelines below!

Here's how I plan to improve my Rankings.

For Technorati Rank:
1. Do lots of Technorati Fave Exchanges. Fave blogs and they will fave your blog in return.
2. Simply click this button to add me to your technorati faves. Add to Technorati Favorites

To Return the favor and help your Technorati Rank, comment on this blog by copying the link below replacing the URL with your own URL so that i can simply copy and paste it in my browser and techno fave your blog too.
<a href="">
Add to Technorati Favorites</a>

Note: This is reciprocal Techno Faving, so Fave my blog and I will Fave your blog.

For Alexa Rank:
I had installed the Alexa Toolbar the other day, which means am expecting a higher Alexa Rank next week or the week after that. The alexa url redirect does not work. Here's the information i got from

“Matt, don’t delude yourself or your readers. The redirect doesn’t do anything to your rank. The rank is based on one thing only: logs from toolbar usage. I should know, I am the product manager at Alexa.

Why did your rank improve? Your article prompted a lot of people with toolbars to visit your site. It is that simple. Don’t use our redirect. It causes load on our machines for no purpose whatsoever” - Geoffrey Mack

A quick look at Geoffrey’s blogger profile confirms his identity. He is also an author for - Alexa’s official product blog.

Therefore, the only way to increase your Alexa Rank is to install the toolbar and use it to get to your site as often as you can. If more visitors of your site use the Alexa Toolbar then good for you. If not, here's how i can help.

You don't have to get to my site using Alexa Toolbar but i would be glad if you do that. But whether you do that or not i won't know either. You can simply lie to me and tell me that you are using the Alexa toolbar. So anyway, here's how I can help, well that's if you want it: Post your blog's URL here and I will visit it using the Alexa Toolbar.


Rudi said...

Hello again. Think I figured it out. Here's my link for technorati fav :
Add to Technorati Favorites

lady influence said...

hi rudi. i have added you to my technorati favorite list.. :)

max said...

Well, you left out stumbleupon, that's a great way to build traffic and get higher on Alexa... :) Just a tip...

lady influence said...

hi max.. am afraid i don't use stumbleupon. there is a great risk of being banned from adsense according to some bloggers. i won't take the risk..

RICHGUY said...

I really like your blog- have to check on it more often. If you are interested in
maybe you should have a look at my blog :)

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