Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adsense Now Pays Through Western Union

Good news everyone!

Google Adsense has finally implemented a much easier, more convenient way of receiving your google adsense earnings. Google Adsense now pays through Western Union Quick Cash. If you reach the minimum payout you will get your cash the day after your payment is sent. That's fast compared to checks that take almost a month to arrive when sent through ordinary mail.

If you wish to receive your adsense money through Western Union Quick Cash just go to your google adsense "my account" page and edit your payment details. Choose Western Union Quick Cash. The maximum amount that may be sent through Quick Cash is $10,000. Exceeding this amount the money will be sent through checks.

You can have your money in local currency so that means you are saved from the long process of encashment or bank check clearing.

The Western Union Quick Cash mode of payment is a big RELIEF for publishers who have no paypal, like me. To all Filipinos and other nationalities who makes money online through adsense yet with no paypal, Google Adsense has now made it easier for us.


GettyCash said...

That's much better.

Adsense members don't have to wait for month to get their cash.

Dr.COOLmac NO P.H.D said...

Absolutely great, but the tax they put on Us pinoys is so high! amounting to 2,000 bucks per 10 thou. man o man thats an ouch!

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Marko Novak said...

I think this is only available for US citizens.

My only options are checks.

lady influence said...

thanks gettycash. Western union quick cash is like paypal but much better i think because you get the money in cold cash asap.

lady influence said...

hi dr.coolmac. what do you mean about 2thousand tax? that's 20% and that it is too much. taxes should only be 12% due to EVAT.

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