Saturday, September 29, 2007

Paypal is now Available in the Philippines

Good news to all Filipinos. Paypal is now available in the Philippines, full services included, ability to send and receive. Hooray! This opens more opportunities for Filipinos to make money online. We can now join many money making programs and get hold of our earned money ASAP.

Let's see how much I will make with more earning sites added on my list. But first, I need to have a new master card (for paypal) especially for online transactions,. I just want to be more careful. I will be using Paypal for the first time. How to receive and withdraw my money from Paypal will be my next concern. I am still busy for my exams tomorrow and the next day. Will tackle about this matter the week after next, probably.

Am still offering a paid review for $25 200 words. Ordinarily if you get a review from this blog at Reviewme it cost $60. Ill let you know if my Paypal is fully functional.

Reminder: My Blog Contest is about to end. Participate now!


Marko Novak said...

Sadly, it's still not available in Slovenia.

You have some interesting stuff on your blog. Will check back.

p.s.:I faved your blog on technorati

Maher said...

i am sadly waiting for it to become availible in the UAE,
Congragulations to all pilipinos

lady influence said...

thanks marko novak.. i will fave you too. thanks for visiting and for the fave..

lady influence said...

hi maher.. it will be available to your country soon.. am sure google will do that very soon.

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