Monday, September 3, 2007

Missing My Blogs

Let's see, it's been like 4 days of no blogging activity, no internet, and of course no checking on the progress of my make money online adventure.

I was out last friday for a vacation at my hometown. It was fun, i get to see my very witty niece and bond with the rest of the family. Only how I wish I have a laptop that I could bring with me anywhere I go, so I won't be leaving my "blogger's world" behind. Am saving to buy a new laptop for myself. But as a student, money is a big constraint. Thank God, the internet has given me opportunities to earn online without literally becoming an "employee". With the blogs I have I am my own boss. No employer-employee relationship exists. I am in control. I earn according to the work i put in.

So anyway, I checked on my email and got like over 200 mails most are spams. I hate spams! Luckily, I checked on my earnings and what a huge difference! I see dollars!!! It's been 4 days, you know what I mean. Money has accumulated, from adsense, clickbooth, textlinkads, etc.

I also got a better technorati rank, better alexa rank and more readership. The number of visitors and readers my blogs get are sweeter than any money I could possibly make. Really! There's a satisfaction, a sense of success knowing people read what you write, comment on your opinions and look forward to what you have to say.

So much for the drama, I really miss my blogs. But now am back online again to be a better blogger and make more money online.


Led Plut aka KantonFC said...

Nakz...More money... Share ka naman.

BTW, exchange links tayo, naadd na kita..

Lebowski said...

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lady influence said...

thanks led plut aka kantonfc.. ill check your site first..

lady influence said...

thanks lebowski. actually my friend invited me too.. i checked the site already.. ill think about joining..thanks:)

keeyit said...

Travelling still miss blogging ar ?

lady influence said...

hehheheh.. yes that's true keeyit.. I was out for almost 5 days with no internet. i miss the usual things i do as a blogger and of course i missed checking my income and traffic..:)

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