Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Make Money at Blogkits

make money online, make money at home"I am not contented with one money making source!"

I don't make money online with just a few money making resources. I surf the net for new monetization strategies, new programs. I join plenty of sites. There's really no harm in doing so. If one or 5 sites don't work for me, I leave them. The idea is to get a few dollars from many sites and get a huge aggregate amount at the end of every month.

Are you serious of making money online? Ask me, cause I am serious! Am adding more and more earning sites in this blog. Bookmark this site or subscribe to my feed if you want to know more money making opportunities.

I want to share another found program for bloggers who want to make money online-- "Blogkits".

What is blogkits?

BlogKits is the world's first true performance marketing network built just for bloggers! That means that we've created a simple, yet effective way for bloggers to generate revenue from their blogs that makes sense. Read below for FAQ.

BlogKits is powered by OfferForge, and owned by ForgeCorporation, a global performancing marketing firm.

If you can setup Google Adsense, you can setup BlogKits! Here's how it works:

  1. Signup your blog and get approved
  2. Easily & quickly select from two different types of ad "zones"
  3. Copy code and place it in your blog template
  4. That's it! Earn money from every sale made
make money online, make money at home

Can I use Google Adsense & BlogKits ads on my blog?
Answer: Yes! BlogKits is not contextual, meaning, our ads aren't served on your blog based upon your content automatically, so there's absolutely no conflict with Google.

Mode of Payment: By Check
Minimum Payout: $25

More ways to earn!!!
BlogKits Review

make money online, make money at home
How to Earn
We want YOU to review products and services from advertisers confident enough in their offerings to submit them to public scrutiny.

We don't pay you to have a positive opinion.

We want relevance, insight and good writing. To help you write an authentic and honest review we will in most cases sponsor part of your purchase-for-research costs. Then we pay you for visitors that go to advertisers from your review. We even award weekly prizes for the best submissions.
Pay Per Click, Plus...

In other words you get paid for unique visitors that you generate for the advertiser by publishing original informative reviews. You get paid through a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising model possibly with some sponsorship and/or sales commission and a bonus if your writing rocks. Sounds good, doesn't it?

The even better part:
  • $0.10 per click for traffic from your review of BlogKits Review
  • And will for a limited period award a $100 bonus to the best blog post submitted per week.

Visit the site BlogKits Review!

Additional Information on How to Make Money Online!


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