Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Talking Idiot's New Sexy Celebrities| Hot Bikini Blog

The Talking Idiot has started a new blog "Sexy Celebrities|Hot Bikinis Blog".

You might wonder why I talk of this new blog which is a completely different topic from what this make money online blog is all about. Well, I just thought a little diversion from my topic won't hurt. If my speculation is right, readers get bored reading the same topic every time they open a blog. A little diversity may help your blog in terms of search engine visibility.

Going back to Sexy Celebrities|Hot Bikini Blog, i was able to find few good posts and pictures:

Sexy Celebrities Butts

Celebrity Halle Berry Photos

Sexy Celebrity Paris Hilton Photos

This one is not a sponsored post. Just a little help to a new blogger to give more exposure to his blog. Hope you can give this poor fellow's blog a quick visit and some comments to his blog for encouragement and inspiration.


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