Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Make Money From Static Blogs

I thought I'd be away for only 5 days, but it's been over 5 days already. A fellow blogger asked me where I was. Well, I can answer you now kirby. I went home to the place where I really originate- my hometown. I have over 2 weeks break before the 2nd semester starts. I will head back home again for another week of vacation. And I will vote as well for the barangay elections this monday. It's kinda awkward though because I don't know the candidates well to give a wisely-thought of vote. But I don't want to be apolitical. I want to participate and get my vote counted. I too have a a say in who will man the government of my country.

Anyway, lets talk about green matters here--don't think of anything else, cause am talking of dollars! Being absent online for over 5 days, I had always thought of how much money my blogs have generated for me. Gladly and abundantly, my blogs are doing well specially for adsense ads. I managed to get over $20 from adsense for a single day. Too low for big time website owners, yet reasonably high for small time bloggers. I don't want to give you a very lengthy post. But the idea involved here is to make many blogs. But make static blogs- blogs that don't require regular updating. You may not immediately earn money from these blogs but in due time you will. That's how I get over $20 for a single day from adsense. But there are other things to consider and I will talk more about that in my next post.


Manoj said...

I prefer Static blogs compared to movable type both types have their own pros and cons but I like the cpanel of my blog which is setup with

lady influence said...

thanks manoj.. i checked your blogs.. the "Black Ops Hypnosis" is very interesting..

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