Sunday, October 14, 2007

Unlock the Cage, Unleash the Cash!

Unlock the Cage and Unleash the Cash with Paycage. If you are familiar with Treasuretrooper and Cashcrate, Paycage offers the same services but with an extra edge. Simply get paid to take surveys and try products.

Important facts to convince you to join Paycage:

1. Joining is free! Absolutely Zero cost !
2. Get money even before completing any survey with the $2.00 sign up Bonus.
3. Complete Surveys and make money plus get "keys" per survey completed in line with their key system. Accumulate enough keys and exchange these keys for cash or prizes.

4. Get %25 of what your referrals earn.
5. Get paid not once but twice a month on the 15th and 30th day of every month.
6. International members allowed.

7. Plenty of ways to make money:
  • Complete Surveys for free or with a minimal fee
  • Try Products
  • Click ads and Get Paid
  • Referral system
  • Contests
8. Plenty of mode of payments available:
  • Paypal
  • Check
  • Money orders
  • Walmart Gift Cards both virtual or physical
  • Target Gift Cards Virtual or physical
  • Alert Pay
  • Obo Pay
  • Amazon Gift Cards Physical and Virtual!!
9. Low minimum payout: $5 for US members and $15 for non-US members.

10. Free Games for your enjoyment.

Visit Paycage here!

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kirbitz said...

Hi there lady!

Im trying to find pinoy bloggers about money making online. Do you know some? I would glady contact them. I think its time to share thoughts and notions about money making online for pinoys.


lady influence said...

hello kirby.. yes i know some pinoy bloggers like macuha or kukute, they are one and the same person. kukute has been in the blogging business for years and he is making at least $20 a day from adsense alone. Mayenskie is another filipino blogger, shay delgado is also a filipino blogger, callvet, etc. super dami eh,.. what are you up to ba? what are your plans? have you activated your paypal? haven't activated mine. how do we do that

Shawn Lim said...

Yo, thanks for dropping by to my blog eh. Seems that you're making it great here! All The Best eh!

To Your Success,

Anonymous said...

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kirbitz said...

lady! where u at? vacation ano? Hey! Paypal is now available in the phils! totoo na to! dont you know??hehe its on the paypals list na of activated countries.

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