Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Page Rank is Down: Is Google Penalizing Me?

Nothing seems to shock me more this month than my Page Rank going down. Okay, I was out for few days. When I left i had PR of 4 for and PR of 2 for

Just arrived today and this blog "Make Money Online" has a very very low PR.

The shocking very alarming Update:
  • with www- The PR is 3 (just an update: as of Oct. 25 the PR is now 2. Is my blog's PR decreasing on a daily basis? This is getting crazy! But I can do nothing about it!!)
  • without www- The PR is 1

I won't deny I sell links in my blog as a way of monetizing it. I've read about blogs and websites being penalized by google for selling links. In fact the PR of the websites of Pro-blogger, John Chow, and Mike Perry have gone down as well.

My blog is hit by "canonical issue" plus the penalty from google. It's like am being skin peeled twice. I have not seen any change in my SERP and I hope I won't see my SERP going down as well. God forbids! Aaaaaah! Somebody please cheer me up!!!


Gerri said...

Wow! yet another blog talking about PR. It seems to be a big thing at the moment. I was just over at Maki's blog earlier on today and there was something about PR as well. I am not to worried about mine. It is and has always been 0. Stop by my blog and check out a video from Darren (problogger) talking about PR and not to obsess about it.

lady influence said...

i can't help but worry about it Gerri. Although i still have a good SERP despite the decreasing Page Rank..

Anonymous said...

i guess lady influence, i did not notice you had a drop until i was visiting you after i wrote my article. it was all about the hype of trustrank, claiming to use human expert to evaluation sites again.Pagerank tsunami

lady influence said...

you have point there. but i wonder why i have different PR if i use with www and without www. if it was about trustrank, the PR would have been the same regardless of the "www"..

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