Friday, October 12, 2007

My First Dollars From WidgetBucks

I believe I joined Widgetbucks last week. I had the code displayed in my sites for more than a week and look at how much money I've made. $1.35 for 3 clicks out of 1,723 impressions. (click the image below to enlarge)
Do you think it was worth it? Not really if you base it on the impressions(the widgets can also slow down the loading of your webpage). What if I was paid $3 per impression! 5,000 impressions multiply it by $3, I should have $15 by now in addition to the $1.35 from the clicks. See what I mean. That's the beauty of programs which pay you by impressions like Voxant and Pay-ads. But am talking of Widgetbucks which has generously given me $.45 a click.

Should I push my luck with WidgetBucks?
Certainly. It's free to join! I loose nothing if I join, but i've got everything good to loose if I don't join. I will give the program a month and from there I will decide whether to continue with the program or not. I can simply remove the ads from Widgetbucks if I don't make a considerable amount of money in a month's time. If you also want to give widgetbucks a try, then what's the wait Visit WidgetBucks Now!

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GettyCash said...

I earned $2.30 so far.

lady influence said...

good for you gettycash.. How many impressions did you make with that $2.30?

Malathy said...

Is it ok to run it along with Google AdSense?

lady influence said...

yes malathy. you can run widgetbucks and google adsense in your blog together. it is not violative of the adsense TOS..

Gerri said...

widgetbucks seems to be working well for a lot of people. This money making program looks like it is on the way up and very quickly!!

lady influence said...

thanks for the visit Gerri. as of the moment, widgetbucks is working well for publishers, but i don't know if its going to continue... it's yet so early to tell.

Anonymous said...

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lady influence said...

i visited your site hussein, its new but there's already a lot of information to read.. thanks for visiting my blog as well.

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