Saturday, December 29, 2007

Payday Loans and Consolidate Debt Loans

Remember my Payday Loans Experiment? This blog has ranked in the 2nd page for the keyword make money online with payday loans and because of that I've got additional visitors for this blog. More visitors more chances of making money.
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During the first two days of the experiment I noticed a high ECPM rate which I cannot divulge to you or I risk my adsense account of being banned. Let's just say I earned additional 2 dollars estimate. On the third day of the Payday Loan experiment, I noticed a high ECPM still but slightly lower earnings and then the earnings went even lower today. But the Payday Loan experiment has increased my ECPM that's a constant data.

In connection with the Payday Loan experiment, I have also decided to include Consolidate Debt Loans. Again I don't know really get what this whole phrase really mean. All I know for is that Payday Loans and Consolidate Debt Loans are relatives..hahaahah.. Consolidate Debt Loans is just one of those things I like to talk about now. If this article gets indexed by google right away and if this blog appears on the first or second page of the keyword Consolidate Debt Loans in google then my experiment is already successful. Im experimenting both to make more money from adsense and at the same time get a good rank for certain keywords.

So long for now.. Keep you posted of my Payday Loans and Consolidate Debt Loan experiments.


Michael Bealsey said...

Be careful, of those payday loans.

lady influence said...

thanks michael... i am careful..:P

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