Sunday, January 13, 2008

Google's January 2008 Page Rank Update

It's pretty earlier for this Page Rank update and it came as an unexpected surprise. The last November 2007 update is still fresh to my mind where this "Make Money Online" blog dropped from a Page Rank of 4 to a Page Rank of 2, then Page Rank of 0. The reason? Just two post I made for PPP. Yes only 2 posts cause I was just accepted to the program then as it was only in November that Paypal became fully operational for Filipinos. That was a bad experience. The blog that I tried to build to get a PR of 4 dropped to its lowest of PR 0. But I take responsibility and acknowledged I was guilty of what google accused me of. Since then I never made a paid review in this blog. I think you notice that.

Now Google is up for another Page Rank Update. The blogosphere talks about this Page Rank update. Some bloggers recovered their lost PR and some bloggers well, suffered the same fate I had in November 2007, got PR of 0. The moral lesson is very obvious- DON'T SELL LINKS!

The last time I checked two of my friends got PRs of Zero. I feel sorry for them. I did warn some of them about the selling links to make money online but my warning aint enough to save them. Since this blog talks about money, I admit that to maintain your Page Rank is equivalent to losing some fast money.

I'm in no position to advice anyone. As far as I'm concern I could stick to adsense and affiliate programs like clickbooth(been always recommending this program), chitika, and surveys (I made 27 dollars in less than 10 minutes) to compensate for the lost money. That's basically why I have adsense experiment going on. I also try to generate more traffic to all my blogs. Google is still the BOSS here and if we don't stick to its rules it can always kick us out.

I've got my share of google's "penalty". I do expect to get a PR now since I don't sell links anymore. I so fervently hope to get a Page Rank for this Make Money Online blog though. But nothing so far. Wish me luck as I wish you good luck in your quest to make money online.

As for my friends who were penalized as well, I do understand how it feels. Don't worry, its not the end of your blogging life. You will get your PRs back sooner or later. As for those who got good PRs for today's update, CONGRATULATIONS!


CallCenterVet said...

Hi there Lady,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Yeah, the PR went away. I'm ok with it. Along as I can still earn money through my blogs I'm okay with that. I'm also noticing most of Google's data centers are down for the past 2 weeks and it might be the cause of the PR downfall. So unless everything is back up, things can still change. But I'm not about to abandon making reviews just for PR. LOL!

Ey goodluck! Hope everything goes well for you too. Thanks for dropping by. :D

Bingo Online said...

ah - i see that your blog is the unlucky one which got penalized by google

shame on Google! they are just picking on us..

lady influence said...

thanks callcentervet. i love to make reviews because we get to earn money really fast. you know how much a dollar is in the Philippines. But the PR thing is a big hindrance and well, im afraid of google.

anyway, i wish we both get our PRs back soon. good luck to you and your blog.

and thanks for visiting my blog too.


lady influence said...

hello bingo online.. google is still the boss and its effective in making me just really hope i get my pr back soon.thanks for visiting..

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