Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Unbelievable $500 Per Referral

Make money online of $500 per referral!
Yes it sounds really unbelievable. And I will be honest in telling you guys I have very very BIG DOUBT about this new site QASSIA.

This site is currently in Beta Testing stage and you cannot join unless someone refers you to the site. I might be lucky or not lucky at all, I found a referral link from a fellow pinoy, so I signed up. I am very suspicious but If there is nothing to lose and no money involve I join almost any earning site there is that promises that I could make money online. Why not? The site might turn out to be legit after all.

So what is Qassia? Don't know about the site but this is what it says on their website:

Qassia is fantastic because you get credit for sharing your intelligence. The more credit you earn, the better your websites will rank. And you get a backlink to your website for every intel you add - only Qassia gives you unlimited quality backlinks.

Last but not least, Qassia also has the best ad revenue sharing system on the Internet, so in effect you get paid for promoting your websites. Qassia rocks!

The more people join Qassia, the more everyone will benefit, so give Qassia a spin. Signing up takes less than a minute, so you've got nothing to lose. See ya around!

So that's just basically what I know about Qassia. And Oh, one more thing, someone got paid - $500 straight to his paypal account. Now I'll have to find out who this lucky fellow is.

In case this site interests you, you can join through my referral site. Join Here!

If more people join under my referral, the faster I'll know if this site really pays as it claims. As usual I'll be posting my Paypal Proof if there are any. So keep sticking around, will yah? I urge you to join under my referral and if this site is a scam-( it looks a potential scam to me), we can warn others not to join!

Thank you and Good luck on your desire to make money online.

(I might be posting my pictures here soon.. ahahha.. kirby will surely look forward to it! I say "I MIGHT" kirbz!)


Nick of Qassia commented on this post and he explained that the $500 referral fee does not go into your paypal account. In short, you don't get paid for it at all. You make money through revenue sharing if you put your adsense ads on the site. I provided a snap shot of his comment below. But you can read the whole comment in the comments section of this post.

Nick's comment


Nick of Qassia said...

Great post, and thanks for blogging! But I should clarify that the referrals are in Qassia dollars, not real dollars, this is made very clear. Nobody got paid real dollars into their PayPal account. We don't even have a PayPal account.

Qassia is a powerful free tool for promoting your websites. That's basically it. (If you have an Adsense account, you can also make some money, depending on the quality of your contributions.)

We wouldn't be a project with any hope if we were throwing away cash. We have a sound model, and we are a future contender for the No. 1 challenger against Google. And that's why you should sign up. :-)

lady influence said...

thanks a lot for clearing what Qassia really is nick. Yup, I read the site whole site last night and indeed found out it's Qassia dollars not US dollars and there was no such thing as mode of payment either by check or by paypal.

Some wrong word of mouth just got loose telling people about the false $500 deposit to their paypal account. (ouch!)

Now, things are a clear. Maybe the adsense revenue sharing will bring bloggers additional money.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm honored that you took time reading my blog and explaining the whole idea behind Qassia.

Thanks again and yes I am a certified Qassia member.

ecashout said...

I dont belive we can find 500$ per referral.

Asdix said...

ey.. lady, sorry bout that thing. i was sleepy and got carried away.. hehe.. this friend never stopped bothering me about signing up under him at qassia. hehehe

anyways, ive added you to my blogroll.. trade links?


lady influence said...

you are right ecashout..the $500 referral fee is just too unbelievable.. thanks for dropping by but we can make money from Qassia through revenue sharing..

lady influence said...

no probs asdix... i will still sign up with Qassia despite the revelation about the $500 referral fee. When Qassia goes strong and gets lots of members I will participate in the revenue sharing thing.. I think it can boost my adsense earnings..

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