Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CashOut From AWSurveys

At long last I was able to reach the $75 payout from AWSurveys. Remember my post on "How I made $27 in less than 10 minutes". Just today I made a $75 withdrawal from AWSurveys. I have $1.25 cents left in my account. You can only withdraw the amount of $75 but what you get is only $50 because there's a charge of $25 dollars for withdrawals to paypal account.

If AWSurveys will pay me, then it's a legitimate site. It takes 3 to 5 days for them to process payments to paypal. A little more waiting and I can confirm the legitimacy of this program. If I get my money then I have good addition to my money makers list!

Just want to tell everyone that in the sidebar of this blog you will find the list of earning sites|programs (New Ventures) that I just participated in as well as the money I have made so far from them. I will regularly update the money I make from these sites. I have not been paid by these programs yet so I really can't recommend that you join them. But you could bookmark this blog or subscribe to my feed to get the latest updates on my new ventures to make money!


gusher said...

hi there,

i recently signed up with PBCash.com under your referral, i just want to try this. hmmmmmm, i think this is good. $10 sign-up bonus and $20 payout, :D

lady influence said...

good to hear that gusher. I already cashed the next day after I joined but the problem is the money is not yet in my paypal account. if it pays me I'll let you know.. how much have you made so far?

idle me said...

thanks for dropping by my site. i am a super newbie. :) anyway, i do hope that i could be a pro blogger like you. :)

lady influence said...

hi idle me.. di naman ako pro blogger eh.. trying pa din..hehhehe...

if i could be of help to you just let me. basta pinoy o kahit di pinoy i am willing to help.. ingatz..

Mei said...

Hope you get paid.

I read it here that AWSurveys is a scam.

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