Thursday, March 13, 2008

Announcing My Free Resource Center

Finally my own free resource center is up and running. It's not a store as you get everything for free. You can find ebooks about everything from Agriculture, computers, finances, government, health care, internet, multimedia, business, etc. No money needed. You can download everything for free, some are demo versions, some are full versions. I'm sure you will find something with the vast free resources available.

make money online

You can visit the site here.

By the way, the Pinoy Money Talk contest I joined last month will be over tonight. Too bad I am at the first page in google but never made it to the top position in the first page. I wasn't able to really optimize due to my tough school schedules, with the examinations and the preparation for graduation. Yes, I'll be graduating this march! Yipeey!! Congratulations to me! (hehehe).. Anyway stick around and don't hesitate to leave some comments. :)


Dropship said...

is it just me or did the content for this page not load? o_O

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