Saturday, March 15, 2008

Make Money With Ximmy

I will introduce another earning program today. It's called Ximmy. I don't how it should be pronounced so read it the way you want to read it. Hehehhe.. Anyway, Ximmy is a sort of social community|social networking review site where members are rewarded for participating. You are rewarded for submitting stories, news, videos, pictures, webistes and for posting comments. Points are converted into cash. Please refer to the image below.

The minimum payout is $10 sent via paypal. It means that you need 1,000 points to get this amount. Most members have been paid immediately, that is within a day of request for payment. There is also instant $20 bonus once you reach the $10 or any of the rewards bracket. So if you reach $10 + $20= $30, that's the least of what you will be getting in the first pay.

Ximmy is also a good way to promote your articles or interesting posts in your blogs. Now, here's the exciting part. Since Ximmy pays us through our participation, through the votes our articles in Ximmy get, we can in a way manipulate it. I've checked the rules and I don't think this idea violates the policies. I am willing to help you in the same way that you help me. That simple. I am willing to vote for your articles in the same way that you vote for my articles. Just email me with your username, Just put the subject "Ximmy" so that I can easily see your emails.

You can join Ximmy here!
Remember registration is free and all you need to do is submit your articles,stories, videos, photos to ximmy and earn. Remember my luck with AWSURVEYS?! I am working on getting paid at Ximmy too! Join me and let's start making real money quick!


erickia said...

Great blog, hope to see more soon, cya

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