Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Clickbooth Payment worth $91.37

What a nice morning! I just woke up and I haven't gargle yet nor washed my face. It's been my habit of checking my emails every morning before i take my breakfast. I received Clickbooth's notification of payment sent to my paypal account. I earned over $90 last month, notwithstanding the less effort I made in promoting clickbooth products. Clickbooth pays and it pays on time just as expected.

This is the email I received from Clickbooth just this morning, still

This is the screenshot of the actual payment received in my paypal account. Since I have a premier account, there's a deduction of over $3. But that's okay.

I've decided to work more on promoting clickbooth products. It's not a scam! I repeat, it's not a scam in so far as I am concerned. I got paid a couple of times already. You've seen the proof in my blog. If you are not yet a member of Clickbooth, what's the wait, join now! If you are already a member, work on a strategy in generating leads or sales.

Just a realization..i've been joining a couple of programs which others claim as scams, and yet I got paid by them. The lesson learned-- as long as you don't lose anything in joining, join and try different money making programs! It doesn't hurt at all yet the potential of earning is there.

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BM said...

wow! congrats uli burger! burger! clickbooth ba ang 2nd top earner mo? naku na tempt tuloy ako mag-log in sa clickbooth....

btw, nagpunta pala 'ko kase hinahanap ko yung proof of payment ng awsurveys.. ituturo ko lng dun sa nagtatanong sakin nasaan na ba yun

lady said...

hehehhe.. here's the link Awsurveys payment proof

Chloe said...

Hi Lady,

Im so thankful that I bumped into your blog. Daming money making ideas and links. By the way, I registered sa ximmy, but till now wala pang confirmation sent to my mail.
I also signed up na sa Awsurveys, and my current earning is around $25, do they have new surveys each week?

I also want to try clickbooth but it seems complicated lol, pwede magpaturo how that works? =) Thank youuuuuu

Boinked Pika said...

dami mong sinalihan! natutulog ka pa?

lady said...


thanks for the visit. Sure I can help you earn more using clickbooth. as for the AWSURVEYS, there are not that much surveys the past month. I don't know why. Im stuck at the moment as well.

@boinked Pika,
of course I sleep.hehehhe.. yup ang dami ko talaga sinalihan. i can't count them using my hands and feet.hhehe.. but worth it din naman.. i get to earn.. time management lang yan..heheh.

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