Monday, May 12, 2008

Got Myself An MP3/MP4 Player: Thanks AWSurveys!

The $50 I got from AWSurveys is now a handy small gadget which I carry with me in my pocket. I just bought myself a new MP3/MP4 Player.

There are still speculations about how legit AWSurveys is. I just thought I might just spend the easy $50 I earned from the program to a tangible item that will serve as a reminder that once I joined a program that others call a scam and turned out I got paid! A move I would regret if I have not done so.

Am waiting for my 2nd payout again at the end of May probably. This time I already have plans of buying another gadget. For curious people out there, you can visit AWSurveys to learn more about how you can make money from this site.

Those who try can hope for some gain and those who don't well there's nothing to hope!


Anonymous said...


pa borrow nyan ha.hhheh..


doorlight said...

Nice! Nice!

I have a question though. tinigil ko for a while ang awsurveys kasi nacoconfused ako sa redirection. pag nag redirect ba, irereview pa rin ba un?


retard question huh. :p

Make Money w/ Gusher said...

congratz lady, i've also made my payout request a while ago. hehe, i have $75.5 on my awsurvey account and i redeemed the $75. All of my earnings came my referrals, I have 38 referrals for $47.5 and survey $28, hehehe, hope they would pay me.

i'll post my payment request on my blog later or tomorrow, hehe

lady influence said...


hindi ako sure eh.. kung available yung survey dapat wala ng redirection..

send ka na lng ng ticket sa AWSURVEYS para sure..:)


wow, congrats.ang dami mo palang referrals ah.. you tell me if you get paid na ha..:)

juler said...

Hello Congrats to you...

I join that program also under Gusher...

my target now is referrals..

p.s. help me naman sa Ximmy by voting my links lalo na ung mga 4 votes na thanks...


Make Money Online w/ Gusher said...

hi friend, just want to ask f my alam kang ebook affiliate program where I could earn commission, hehehe. ty

Hye said...

Wow.. congrats po... as for me, I joined AW last month but can't login the day after. Bad thing is their support never replied back.

lady influence said...

hi juler!

Pasensya na, hindi na kasi ako naka log in sa ximmy for a week na ata.. medyo busy kasi.. di bale, i'll vote for your submissions.. ako pah! Am willing to help.. :) goodluck

lady influence said...


ganun ba.. ba't kaya... i heard the same thing happened to other bloggers.. im waiting for my second pay so lets see if i get paid again.

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