Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Clixsense Proof of Payment

Yesterday another Clixsense check arrived at my doorsteps. It was worth $19 and c04 It arrived by snail mail. It was sent April 1 and arrived only this May. How I wish Clixsense will pay through paypal. It could have been easier and way faster.

I shall be encashing the check tomorrow at our local money changer. I will be spared from waiting for the clearing of checks as required by banks. I’d get the cash equivalent of the check instantly. I’m thinking of what I will do with the $19. In pesos worth, it’s more or less 700 pesos. Not bad money when I think of the little effort I do to get this amount. Every time I am online I just click some ads. I do that passively. This is one of the best GPT sites there is. It's legit and anyone( kids, teenagers, adults) can click on the ads passively.

Anyway, perhaps I’ll just use the money to treat my friends to a good snack. A blessing received can be a blessing to others as well.

(click to enlarge)

Clixsense payment proof


bm said...

wow! congrats! ako nag-upgrade na rin ako dahil you recommend na mag-upgrade para maabot kaagad yung pay-out.

btw, i use my EON account sa google check-out pwede pla siya.

;) wow congrats sa mp3! yaman mo na huh?! pautang jeje.

lady influence said...

hehhehe.. thanks..

anyway, pwede pa la yung eon card sa check out.. magaling! hehehe..

how's your earnings?

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