Wednesday, May 7, 2008

High SERP for "Teens Make Money Online"

It's amazing how things turned out these past days! I've been noticing an improvement in my SERP for the keyword "teens make money online" but today brought the surprise. I used Link Ezer dot com to check on the standing of this blog for the keyword "teens make money online". And these are the results:

click the images to enlarge

This blog makes it to the top 20, hitting the top 7 and top 8 in certain countries like USA, Canada, UK, India, Pakistan etc. I never do any optimization for these keywords. I can't even remember submitting my posts about how can teens make money online to any directory or any social bookmarking site. In the past months this blog only ranks somewhere between 80th to 120th position in google.

My friend Kirby was supposed to be dominating this keyword. I suspect his blog was penalized just like what happened to my other blog. Now his blog is nowhere to be found in the top 100. While my blog sits at the 7th and 8th position. ( See image below). According to my friend there's a good traffic coming from these keywords so that i will find out soon enough.

So what could have caused this? Somebody has to explain this to me! I did lost my top 14th spot for keyword "make money online" (am somewhere in the 113 spot for Google USA), so my problem now is how to maintain my position for "teens make money online". Any ideas?


Charlie Tan said...

Wow, that's good. Nice tool you recommand there also. But I checked and it's not that accurate... My website is ranked 633 in "Make Money Online" and it says 698. I think they uses a cache of Google SERP.
Anyway, congrats on the high placement! And thanks for the tools! Like it.

lady influence said...

it's really not that accurate Charlie i believe that. but the results are more or less close to 100%.

you are good at SEO so am sure you can uplift your rank for make money online keyword..


Charlie Tan said...

Yea... But it's a good tool to use when i do not need to check the SERPs one by one! haha

I'm still not that good in SEO... I just barely managed it... haha...

Make Free Money Ben said...

Well done on that google position. I find it often better to target more specific key words with less demand. It is easier to get in the top 20 or so with a range of uncommon words. Traffic does really start to come in.

I wish I could tell you how google works but as of yet I have know clue. Maybe your friend created a backlink google wasn't fond of?

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