Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A New PTC Site Run By Filipinos: PinoyBux

Good news Filipinos! I was just introduced by a Filipino Blogger and a friend to a new Paid to Click Program known as PinoyBux. It resembles the names of other ptc sites. From the name itself, it's run by Filipinos. Yes it's newly launched and looking at the site itself, it is the same as other PTC sites like buxto. The layout, the look, the navigation, etc, exactly the same if not almost a 100% identical. See the similarity below.

Pinoybux is a PTC program and it's a very very slow money maker! Unless you get hundreds of referrals and you can do that by upgrading your account. Pinoybux pays $.01 per click. You can cash out via paypal when your account reaches $10.

The unique thing about Pinoybux is that pinoys can actually get their earnings even if they have not reached the $10 via GCash or mobile load.

If you are a Globe and Touch Mobile user, you can request for your earnings via Globe G-Cash anytime once you earned a minimum of $2.50 or P100.00. Or, you can request for your earnings to be converted into cellphone load once you made $0.50 or P20.00. Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, and Talk&Text subscribers are welcome to apply.

I so like this idea so much that I immediately signed up. I know I can reach the $2.50 or the 100 PHP in a month's time or even less so that means I can get a free load. Hahaha! Got what I mean?! Am not forward to getting rich through Pinoybux, it's just impossible but I'm after my free load. I always visit my blogs everyday or every other day so I might as well do some clicking during those times. And oh, this is a good way for teens to get their free mobile loads..

Just signing up today you can see the ads I clicked and the earnings I have made.

The 6 Ads I've clicked
Paid to click, pinoybux

My Current Stats
ptc, pinoybux
Want to join? If you are a non-filipino, international members are welcome so long as you have a Paypal account. And if you are Filipino, a natural citizen, a naturalized citizen or whatever (hehehe), please support Pinoybux. There are thousands of us here in the blogosphere, let's support "sariling atin". Visit the site, read their FAQ and join! (Please join under me :) thanks!)

UPDATE: Join Pinoybux now as they are giving away 20 pesos worth of cellphone load to new members who join pinoybux until June 2008. Just join and get free load!


PinoyRak said...

I love the way you presented Pinoy Bux here. I think we Pinoys should give PinoyBux the support it deserves. And btw, you have a nice blog here. Keep up the good work. :D

Budget Traveller said...

thanks for droppin by my site..have a rgeat day!

Mannie said...

It's is good to know that there are websites that mimic what foreign sites are doing. After the death of paid blogging, this one is the closest thing to blog monetization.

lady said...

@ pinorak
wow thank you! im urging my pinoy blogger friends to join pinoybux. of course without members it won't succeed. But persuading them may take a while. I hope they will join just for the sake that it's filipino owned.

@budget traveller,
thanks for visiting my blog as well.

thanks for the visit.. paid blogging is still existing but it's future is unclear. PTC programs aint a bad alternative.. :)

Ways for teens to make money online said...

Very nice. Me too a member of this site. But still i didn't reach my minimum payout amount.

Freezine said...

Hi Sweet Lady.. I just joined Pinoy Bux under you. I'll try promoting it to my friends at Gizter.

Happy blogging...

Gusher said...

hi there lady,

i;ve recently joined PinoyBux and signed up under your referral. :-)

Chado said...

another PTC site for pinoys....but i have to admit, BUX.TO is the best....hehhehhe

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