Thursday, May 29, 2008

Make Easy $50 at Yousaytoo

There's a new money making program that I have just currently joined! I signed up moments ago and got $50 as a sign up bonus. It's at its beta stage and I still have to figure out if the site really pays. The whole program however is really very very tempting! The $50 sign up bonus alone is so big!

Here's more ... Get $8 per active user you refer to Yousaytoo, 20% adsense revenue sharing and 10% webmaster referral.

Since i have $50 sign up bonus already, I need $50 to reach the payout! Here's the deal I'm offering everyone! If you join Yousaytoo using my referral link, I will give you money! I need to figure out if the site really pays. The earlier I reach the payout the better! I need 7 referrals in terms of active users to yousaytoo to get $56. Thus,adding it to my sign up bonus of $50 I get $106! That's when I can cash out!

If you join using my referral link, be an active user for a couple of days, then I will give you $3 when I cash out! Each of the first 7 referrals that sign up under me will get $3 straight to their paypal accounts once I get my pay! That's almost half of what I get for referring referrals to the site!

This scenario will help me and you determine if the program is legit! You won't lose anything if you join under me, but instead you will gain $3 which you will not likely get in clicking at PTC programs for a month! Besides, joining using my referral link is just your way of thanking me back for introducing you to a potential big money maker program!

Simply click the banner above if you wish to thank me and receive the $3!
Just leave a comment here if you have successfully signed up and send me your paypal address at

I do hope you will join under me. Sometimes I do get this feeling that after I introduce a new money making program some people intentionally refuse to use my referral link by either clicking my referral link then closing the browser and typing the URL this time, without my referral link, or by directly typing the URL of the earning site. It's a sad reality I believe but I will still keep posting new earning sites that I will come across! And will continue to hope that a few readers of this blog will be kind enough to use my referral link in signing up to money making programs introduced in this blog!

It's all about give and take really! If you need help, especially the teen visitors of this blog feel free to email me anytime! Goodluck and make more money online!



Freezine and Angelow are my newest referrals in this program. However take a look at my stats below. I have no referrals, no leads! It makes me wonder if the program is indeed accurately reporting my referrals. Angellow just signed up today, so I should have a lead. But none is reflected in my account. I already reported the problem, so lets wait and see if there are changes in the coming days.

Freezine and Angelow thanks for helping me out ! :)


Freezine said...

Hi Lady.. I just joined using your affiliate url. There's one problem I found with the affiliate sign-up form wherein you are ask to manually input your sponsor's id. Is it not automatic? I put gigglesme as I can see it's your ref id. Am I right with that? Just check it out if I'm counted in under your referrals. I used freezine as username.

Thanks and happy earning.

Verity said...

Hello are you? Would you do me a favor to help me install a wordpress template to my blogsite? I'd been trying to install it but it doesn't work despite of the instruction. Am already tired of changing my theme. Looking forward to hearing you, thanks.

Verity said...

Hi lady, I mean, how could i install a css code to my blog since am planning to change again my template by using wordpress theme. I tried following its instruction but still it doesn't work. Please reply, thanks!

lady said...

hi freezine,

You are my referral. I don't know if you got it right. Don't worry I will check on it every now and then.

thanks for the effort. I will give you $3 as promised as soon as I ascertain things!

thanks a lot!:)

angellow said...

Hi Lady, I have joined using your affiliate link. Please check if I'm already in your referral stats. I used angellow as username

Freezine said...

Ehehe. Don't be bothered by the $3. I just want to help you determine if this money making program is legit.


kakashi said...

Joined under you. make sure you pay me when you get paid. cheers!

aidenofthetower said...

I have been lied to by this site. They have also changed how much money is made when it is time for payout. Additionally, they want all kinds of information to pay you (I was asked for my full name, date of birth, ID number, and pass port number-I don't even have a pass port). So they decided they would give me 10,000 extra page views with Google...but then they only gave me 2,000...I would just be careful with this site!

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