Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Ximmy Payment Received!

Just today, Ximmy sent me my 2nd payment! Remember how I got my first $30? You can read my post about the first money I made from Ximmy here and the tips on how to get paid real quick!

Now is the time to join Ximmy! I still wonder why not many people join ximmy. When will you join, next month? You can cash out immediately and get your $30 (including bonus for first cashout) within 2 weeks time or less. Just follow the tips and tricks I provided. Best of all, you can request for payment anytime!

As for the help, I'm offering help to anyone, you just have to come to me and tell me. ( I make money online and I'm not a greedy monster to hide to you how I do it! Just join the programs that have paid me, like Ximmy! I am not that busy next week so I will work on Ximmy to get my third pay once more.

What are you gonna do? Join Ximmy and make money! Yes it's a small amount but it's better than nothing! Let's see what my $10 can do- buy a cellphone load good for one month, buy a new blouse, or perhaps use it to treat myself to some good delicious meal! The $10 still has value and I've got a few things in mind on how to spend it!

Make your easy $30 now as your first pay has a bonus included!
Join Ximmy Here!
Good Luck and More Money!


Karkaas said...

wow congrats buddy. I have heard a lot about this site. I will consider joining. Meanwhile can you take a look at this great forum. I am a moderator there.

doorlight said...

I am lazy! lol. tapos tinanggal na nila ung points sa comments. :P

lady said...


i will check on your forum later.
thanks for the visit.

yup tinanggal na yung points for the comments, but they now give 10 points per review so 10 reviews lang you get 100 points. mas madali maka earn ngaun..

i seldom visit na rin naman sa ximmy due to busy skeds but kung may time I really make reviews..


bm said...

wow! congrats sis! member na ako ng ximmy dati pero di ako active eh,

pero dahil na-inggit na naman ako sige maglalog-in uli me haha!
(o naka 40 points na kaagad ako)

question ko pala yung sa paypal: naka ilang withdrawal ka dati sa personal, before ka naging premium?

yung kada withdrawal mo ba talagang hinintay mo na maka $500 ka b4 you withdraw?

ako kase kung magwiwithdraw uli ako this end of the month eh pang fourth ko na, kase last month nagwithdraw rin ako

and gusto ko nang withdrawin kahit more than $300 pa lang napaparanoid kase ko na baka biglang "mawala" ung earnings ko.

help naman oh.

lady said...


you should log-in ulit sa ximmy.. Mamaya gawa ako ng mga 10 reviews..10 reviews a day, di 10 days payout na naman..hehhe..

yung sa paypal ko, i don't always wait for the money to reach $500. kung kelan ko feel mg withdraw, withdraw ako agad.

it's okay if you withdraw the $300 now if you have this ill feeling na baka mawala..hehehhe..

upgrade ka na lang din if necessary. or you can open a new paypal account using a different credit or debit card and make it your premier account.

but in my case, bearable naman yung mga fees for payments I receive. Hindi din every payment ang may fees,yung lang payments na credit card funded.

kadalasan walang fees yung natatanggap ko.. :)

bm said...

thanks. sa answer! alam mo ba kung merong withdrawal limit sa paypal parang i've read somewhere na 5 times a year ka lng puedeng magwithdraw sa personal account, totoo ba un?

uu nga naka 90 points ako ngayon jan sa ximmy! sayang yung 10 points kase pinang-reply ko lng dapat pala sa review yun.


Make Money w/ Gusher said...

hi there lady,

hehehe, congratz, nkaka.dalawa kna ximmy ah, p.cheese burger k nman, :D

cheese burger!!!

cheese burger!!!

cheese burger!!!

hehehe, joke lng po, :)

lady said...


yup there's a limit 5 times a year lang daw.. dati kasi I used e-gold for my earnings as well.

tsaka only last nov 2007 lang ata available and paypal for pinoys so ilang withdrawals pa lang ako, then sa march or april ata premier member na ako.

upgrade ka na lang if they tell you to upgrade na.

about ximmy, don't comment na, wala points yun. Sayang lang yung time and effort! :)


wahhahahah.. parang commercial ah! o ba, cheeseburger tayo pag nagkita tayo.. hehhhe..

Make Money w/ Gusher said...

hi there lady, xlink tau, n.add n kita xa links list q w/ anchor text, "Make Money Online w/ Lady", add mo dn aq, hehehe

thanks. ;-)

AhBoon said...

Hi, thanks for recomend, jus signup and will try it...

anyhow i also have a program to recomend:

Picspay - Get rewarded for sharing your pictures online. They pay you for uploading pictures and share it on your websites or forums. its good for those who has lots pics ut only upload it to photobucket or blogger.

give it a try:

bm said...


nung june 2 nakaaccumulate na ko ng 1001 points tapos the same day, i redeem immediately,

ijust wonder, hanggang ngayon wala pa ung earning. is it normal?

i send them na an e-mail to inform them na i redeem na may earnings,

infairness hindi crap yung reviews ko run huh?! unlike nung iba pati mga shampoo & lotion nirereview eh diba dapat websites? lol

uy tanong pa: ung paidtopromote ba bawal sa adsense? i've been paid na dun pero sa 2 unpopular blogs ko lang nilagay,takut aku eh

Jhoice said...

wow c0ngrats.
How long mu nah earn ya? mai one monthe ba?:)

lady said...

@ bm
nope that's not normal. dapat you received your payment na by now.

email mo sila ulit.

yung paidtopromote, i don't think bawal sa adsense yan.. wala naman sa rules eh.. but like you i dont put it sa popular blogs ko.hehhe.. just to be safe..

i checked your blog and congrats ha.. dami mo na pera.. me galing ako sa vacation medyo konti earnings ngaun..hehehhe..:)

you can reach the 1000points in about 2 weeks. malayo na yung 1 month.

thanks for visiting :)

jhoice said...

Hi I have reached the 1000 points and I haven't get any reply from them. I already sent my pw,username, and points.. Just want to ask is there any way to contact the? i've used the contact in redeem my ward, but no respond.


lady said...


that's bad to hear.
anyway, this is the email address I use in contacting them. sometimes reply gets a bit delayed..

i think that's the same email address in the contact us in ximmy. If you sent them email in the weekend, response will be delayed.

Jhoice said...

Hi, how r u?
Thanks for the reply.
Anwyae i got my payment at 1am..
It only took me 2days of reaching the 1k points. So i am very happy. Now im starting to gain points. What is ur username name in ximmy?

lady said...

hi Jhoice.

my username is gigglesme..
what's yours?

bm said...

i've been paid na nung june 2 pa thnx! i posted my payment proof here.

ya, katakot nga yung paidtopromote eh nagbabayad nga sila pero sa'n nila kinukuha yung funds eh wala naman silang advertisers, baka yung javascript na binibigay nila sa 'tin may "secret" yun...

oi ano kaba, wala yan sa earnings mo 'no! kaw ang idol ko :)pero thankful na rin kase extra money rin diba.

online ka sa ximmy 'no?

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