Saturday, June 7, 2008

PinoyBux Sent Me My Load!

You might wonder why I haven't posted in this blog for a while. I was out for a vacation with no internet connection available. I always bring my laptop with me but I was too far from civilization to put it to good use by blogging. But anyway, my vacation was fun although I think I've gained additional weight and my skin completion is slightly darker..heheheh..

I just want to update everyone that PinoyBux has sent me my load the other day. Please refer to my earlier post about Pinoybux and how you can make money with it.

The moment I reached my $.50, I immediately requested for a payout in the form of load. I'm a Smart Subscriber! It took about 24 hours before I received an email telling me that my load payout request is processed. And another day before I got my 20 pesos alltext load.
I am one of the very first members to receive earnings via cellphone load.
That's my username "gigglesme" above.

This only shows that Pinoybux pays although in my case in the form of cellphone load. I am nearing $.50 cents again and will convert my earnings to cellphone load once more. I'll be getting free load every week with this site.

I already told my teen cousins to join the program for their free load. This will save their parents money as teens especially high school students spend a lot of money for cellphone load. For more information about pinoybux visit their official website here!


four tier annihilation said...

First of all, congrats with this. Second, I compliment you on the looks of this blog. Truly well done. And, that for a blogger blog. Really cool

lady said...

thanks for the compliment.
I do like this template am using right now but i have been thinking of changing it again because of the low clicks i get in the adsense ads.

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