Monday, June 16, 2008

Clickbooth Sent Me Another Payment!

Clickbooth is really not a scam! I got paid once more.. I got paid $55.25. See pictures below. That amount is for my May 2008 earnings. I was expecting it today since clickbooth pays on the 15th following the month you reach the minimum of $50. A delay in payments could be caused by Clickbooth not having been paid by their advertisers. But in my case Clickbooth is always on time or maybe 2 days behind.

clickbooth payment
(clickbooth payment and paid to promote payment )

Having been paid by a lot of sites that others call as scam like Clickbooth and Awsurveys on top of the list, I jokingly made fun of it and hey "I must be very lucky!" But seriously, I do feel lucky with all these things happening! My formula is "just play fair and square, don't cheat"!

And a simple suggestion, if you have queries or complaints to any make money online program you are in, be polite and respectfully. Raise your complaints, lodge your inquiries, but lay down your arguments with reasons and always let them feel your respect.

The magic words at the end of every email should be "Respectfully yours". This is how I do it. Some programs suspend my account without reasons. I have to complain but I do it the right way and more often than not I always get my account back and get to befriend the representatives assigned to my case.

Anyway, if you haven't joined Clickbooth you are missing a lot. And if you have joined already and ain't earning money from it, feel free to contact me by email so that I can give you some techniques that I employ to make money from this program.

Clickbooth works for everybody, even for teenagers who want to make extra cash online.
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Anonymous said...

congrats! so clickbooth is not a scam!

Earn w/ Clickbooth said...

congratz lady, hehehe

turuan mo namn aq ng techniques mo xa clickbooth, hehehe

send mo lng xa email q, thanks a lot. :-)

Freezine said...

Congrats my friend.. How do you earn with Clickbooth? I tried learning how to promote their products but I'm quite confused with the control panel.

lady said...


yes i will send you an email. but i forgot your email add. Kaw na lang una mag email sa kin..


Many are confused with the control panel in clickbooth. but it's really easy. First you choose the category of products you want to promote. Then you just choose the product you want and copy paste the code provided.

if you are still having problems don't hesitate to email me. But i can't promise to respond back ASAP as I will be on vacation again this coming weekend..

take care and thanks for the visit.:)

Rory said...

hey congratulations! That is really great. I have never tried Clickbooth but maybe i'll give them a try.
hey i was wondering if you would trade links with me. i have laready linked to you on my site Online Money for Teens.

juler said...

congrats sa iyo. Ei, can you please add my links to your blog? thanks

lady said...

To Rory and Juler,

I will add your links now. I'm glad to have you as part of my friends online.:) check your links in a little while.

bm said...

congrats ikaw na ang clickbooth princess :)

ako hanggang ngayon wala pa rin... zero. kase yung blog ko na qualified jan eh puno na ng ads eh so nahihiya na ko sa visitors kaya ayaw ko ng lagyan.

btw, nung na paid ako sa ximmy eh inencourage na nila ko na mag-upgrade sa premier chuva na yun dahil yung earnings pala from ximmy, credit card funded so may deductions so imbes na $10 naging $9.11 na lng hindi pa kase ako nag-upgrade baka pagsisihan ko hehe....

sabi nila i have 4 credit card payment left na lng, eh parating na uli yung isang ximmy payment..

tell me naman honestly (honestly talaga nyok nyok) kung ano yung disadvantage at advantage ng mag-upgrade.

I'm afraid kase eh.

Respectfully yours,
:) bm

lady said...


I would suggest you don't upgrade yet as you still have 4 credit card payments left.

If you upgrade to premier you will receive deductions at a lower amount to your ximmy payments and other credit card funded payments, but you will also get deductions for other payments which ordinarily you are not charged for. For instance, I get charged for payments I received from a friend, which before I was not charged for.

But say payments from Sm|orty, SR, or Blog g er|wave are not deducted.

Also if you upgrade to premier account you can withdraw any amount of money anytime. No limits. You ca n also create buy buttons|pay now buttons with premier account.

But make use of your remaining 4 credits first before you upgrade. I hope that helps!

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