Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Earn $100 or more a month Without a Website!

1. Join Mylot. -It is a community site that pays you for posting an article| discussion and for responding to discussions and for uploading pictures. Minimum payout required is $10. Payment is via Moneybookers and Paypal. If you put more effort at Mylot you can expect $10 every month or even more.

Estimated monthly earning: $15

2. Join Survey Programs:
Let's be Realistic here. If you are lucky enough, because success on surveys depends on your effort and where you come from, because in certain areas there are less surveys available.

Estimated monthly earnings: $40.

3. Join Networking sites like Ximmy. I have explained this before and you have seen proof of payments that I have received.

Estimated monthly earnings: $20

4. Join GPT site.You get paid for clicking ads, joining some programs. If you are willing to spend some cash you can earn more.

Estimated Monthly earnings: $20

5. Join ReviewStream. It takes 25 reviews to reach the payout. So work hard and you'll reach the payout.

Estimated monthly earnings: $50

6. Sell products Online. Join ebay or market it personally through chatrooms. Did you know that I was able to sell a total of $155 for selling an ebook. The ebook is worth $5 but it has resale rights. It's an adult ebook and it sells like candy. Email me if you want it. (

There are still more ways to monetize without a website. I shall continue with it next week. I have to prepare cause it's almost 6 am now. Like what I have said, I will be meeting some relatives from the States today. I shall be on vacation this weekend. But I will try to be online whenever I find some internet connection. Goodluck on your money making journey.


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