Saturday, September 29, 2007

Paypal is now Available in the Philippines

Good news to all Filipinos. Paypal is now available in the Philippines, full services included, ability to send and receive. Hooray! This opens more opportunities for Filipinos to make money online. We can now join many money making programs and get hold of our earned money ASAP.

Let's see how much I will make with more earning sites added on my list. But first, I need to have a new master card (for paypal) especially for online transactions,. I just want to be more careful. I will be using Paypal for the first time. How to receive and withdraw my money from Paypal will be my next concern. I am still busy for my exams tomorrow and the next day. Will tackle about this matter the week after next, probably.

Am still offering a paid review for $25 200 words. Ordinarily if you get a review from this blog at Reviewme it cost $60. Ill let you know if my Paypal is fully functional.

Reminder: My Blog Contest is about to end. Participate now!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adsense Now Pays Through Western Union

Good news everyone!

Google Adsense has finally implemented a much easier, more convenient way of receiving your google adsense earnings. Google Adsense now pays through Western Union Quick Cash. If you reach the minimum payout you will get your cash the day after your payment is sent. That's fast compared to checks that take almost a month to arrive when sent through ordinary mail.

If you wish to receive your adsense money through Western Union Quick Cash just go to your google adsense "my account" page and edit your payment details. Choose Western Union Quick Cash. The maximum amount that may be sent through Quick Cash is $10,000. Exceeding this amount the money will be sent through checks.

You can have your money in local currency so that means you are saved from the long process of encashment or bank check clearing.

The Western Union Quick Cash mode of payment is a big RELIEF for publishers who have no paypal, like me. To all Filipinos and other nationalities who makes money online through adsense yet with no paypal, Google Adsense has now made it easier for us.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Get Paid Taking Surveys

Surveys can be a promising way to make a few hundreds every month and or win some cool prizes from gift checks to latest gadgets, vacation trips, etc. You can find plenty of survey sites online. The nice thing about surveys is that you take control of whether to accept or reject a survey. There is no obligation, no pressure. You do it on your own terms under your own time. This is another good way to make money online. To help you out, here are some survey sites I found:

1. ECN Research-You have a chance to win free vacation with this one.

2. Panda Research This one offers free $5 instant sign up bonus in addition to the pay you get for every survey you make

3. Tik Tik Cash Instant $5 sign up bonus as well.

4. 5 Page Survey The prize here is a Honda Civic. All you have to do is fill up the 5 page survey.

5. 5 page Survey- The prize here is Toyota Camry with Gas.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Experimenting with Apsense

Apsense! not Adsense!

Apsense is new way to make money online. I just registered a few minutes ago.

Apsense in a Nutshell...

Apsense is a business social network where people get paid to come together to share their business. Imagine a place where you have all the tools you need to make your business grow and get paid for using it. It users to share their business through networking, exploring and creating quality business content. The development of new networks and constant exchange of information is happening everyday at Apsense, changing the way people build their businesses while making money online.

Make Money in the World of Apsense...

When you are building your current business by meeting, exploring and creating you will also be earning money with Apsense. They call this concept the "World of Apsense". The concept is simple, the contents that you build at Apsense belongs to you, you will make money when your content pages display ads from advertisers. Your contents include things like your profile, network bulletin, blogs, groups, discussions, business centers and so on. There is No Limit to how much money you can make! The more quality contents you have... the more advertisements you can sell or display... the more money you will make! Visit Apsense here.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Choosing Top Adsense Niche Site

You've heard of many websites attracting as many as 15,000 visitors a day and getting as much as $500 up on a daily basis from adsense. I call them "Adsense Website Giants". With the right keywords and right traffic, they are making a fortune from adsense.

If you plan to make a website you must know the top most paying adsense niche, the most profitable keyword. For example, as between "insurance" and "hotels" the most profitable keyword is insurance. This is based on how much money the advertisers are willing to pay per day on advertising. You can find all these figures online. Note, profitability includes the popularity of a particular keyword as well. A high paying keyword is utterly useless when no one searches for it. So, you also need to consider how huge your targeted audience will be or will you ever have an audience.

Also, a website is content driven so you'll need to select topics in which you have some knowledge. In line with your goal to make money online, you need to make sure that your website becomes a resource for a specific keyword that your traffic can turn to.

Once you have decided what keyword to focus on, you need to optimize your website for that keyword. A well structured keyword of any website is perhaps the most efficient way to make more money from Pay per Click programs. If your website is well optimized you get a better SERP and more search engine visibility means more traffic. Optimization is broad topic. But you can start from the basics, that is proper titles, right metatags, meta description, keywords, and sitemaps. As for the rather complex part, you can consult other bloggers, SEO experts. Lucky for me I met an SEO expert and he taught some important things about optimization.

In sum these are the things you need to consider:

1. The profitability of keyword you choose.
2. Your knowledge over that keyword.
3. Optimization
4. Traffic boosts follows

Optimization is a continuing process. If your SERP drops or traffic slows down you must adjust and make changes.

Get a Free Blog At Thoughts.Com

Adding to a lot of websites offering free blogs is Thoughts.Com. It is a totally free blogging community. Registration is free. Eligibility is limited however to 14 year olds and above. Members can make a blog posts, upload photos, videos, read and comment on news. Thoughts. Com also offers forums where members can express and communicate with fellow members, plus their instant message system to all members. Participation in Forums is made open only to those members whose total user rating is 4.0 or higher. This is their so called User Rating System. Members are rated based on their blogs posts, videos, photos and podcasts.

As a member of Thoughts.Com , you can win special prizes. Currently the valuable prize awaiting 5 lucky members is “free trip to Las Vegas in Novermber 2007.” You have to be an active member to be chosen. Choosing the lucky 5 is the sole prerogative of

This is what the lucky members will be getting:

  • Roundtrip airfare for two from anywhere in the continental United States.
  • 3 Night stay at a 4 star Las Vegas resort (to be determined)
  • Complimentary dinner 3 nights
  • Complimentary shows 2 nights is giving this community trip annually, travel locations changes every year.

Other noticeable features of are instant access to latest news through their News section and their Charity Section, which list some quality charity organizations that members can visit and voluntarily give donations and contributions.

Thoughts.Com does not allow members to send unsolicited emails, posting commercial advertisements, affiliate links and any other form of commercial promotion. Violations may result in removal of posts or links and even expulsion from the site. So, basically you cant use the site to make money by advertising. But if you just want to have your own online journal, money making aside, then get your Blog at!

This is a sponsored post.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Get Paid at Dollar Space

make money online, make money, earn at home, legitimate earning sitesDollarSpace is a social community that pays your for setting up a profile with them. It has an intergrated ad system that allows users to set AdSense, YPN, Adbrite, etc. on their personal profiles! The only community that allows this kind of ad system. Members can also make money through paid surveys and by posting pictures, journals, threads, poll, comments and by referring friends.

How to earn points?

• Post a picture (1 point)
• Post a journal (1 point)
• Post a thread in the forum (1 point)
• Post a poll (1 point)
• Post a comment (1 point)
• Refer a friend (2 points)

How much money do you get for points?

• 50 Activity points = $0.25
• 25 Referrals = $1.00
• Referred Member Completed Survey = $0.05
• 1 Compeleted survey = $0.10 - $1.05

If you have reached $20.00 dollars total you may request to be paid. Am not sure what's the mode of payment. I still have to contact the admin about it. Dollar Space is also a good way to promote blogs and other referral links because you have your own blog at Dollar Space where you're free to write anything as long as it is not of adult or pornographic content.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Make Money Online Report

Six months has lapsed since I started this blog. I started from scratch. I had no knowledge of what blogging is all about, about keywords, about SERP, about traffic, almost everything. At the beginning I only wanted to have a conduit to express myself. In fact I had no idea it was possible to make money with blogs.

It was march 2007 when I created my first two blogs: A Lady's Confessions and Make Money Online. The following succeding 2 months, April and May were spent for my semestral break vacation.That explains why I made only 2 posts for April, my last posts before I went to my province and 7posts for May during our 2nd semestral enrollment. I won't take into consideration April and May months and still consider myself a 4month old blogger.

The Progress
  • June 2007- I got the PR-4 ranks for both of the above mentioned blogs and few checks.
  • July 2007- I also received a number of checks from all the earning sites I joined in. I got the top rank for the keyword "legitimate earning sites". I also started other blogs Earn As Affiliate and All About Facts
  • August 2007- More checks came, more deposits to my egold account.
  • September 2007-- my blog shows up in the top 19 and 21, in the SERP for different countries for the keyword "make money online". See proof.

Money Making

My top money makers remain to be the following:

2. Text Link Ads
3. Reviewme
5. Linkworth
6. Adsense (am only starting, getting at least a dollar a day)
7. Private Deals
8. Friendfinder
9. Treasuretrooper

For a list of sites that help me make money you can visit my post about it.

Clickbooth, TLA, Reviewme and Linkworth are the best instant money makers I highly recommend. Your luck may not be the same as mine. You might not earn as I do or you might even earn more than I do. Who knows?! Clixsense is slow but sure money maker. Treasuretrooper is instant money too but since the offers are mostly not available for filipinos I merely rely on the earnings I get from my referrals.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Make Money Online By Playing

How about having fun while you play and make money or receive prizes if you win? I've searched online to find good places to play and earn. These are the sites i found:

1.make money online, make money at home

Loosely described, Moola is something like a free super-jackpot game show, which allows anyone to become a millionaire on the internet, rather than watching others do so on TV. Similar to a TV game show, Moola is free and relies on sponsors to enable millions of people to vie for serious amounts of cash and prizes. The method used to facilitate competition is simple yet powerful: Sponsors give small amounts of money to millions of people, and then Moola allows those people to compete against one another so that individuals may win more or less, depending on how well they compete.

Compete in games with other players and earn money. You can also make money by searching the web, completing offers, and earn cash back for shopping through moolas shopping mall.

You need to be invited by a registered member to be able to register and play.Visit Site!

2. make money online, make money at home

Gamesville, part of the Lycos Network, is a great place to play free games, download games and more. Win cash and prizes as you play free games in one of the best, friendliest online communities on the web! Visit Site

3. make money online, make money at home
est your knowledge on our range of quizzes, registering is free, and you can earn yourself credits to claim against a vast array of prizes! I think this site is open to all worldwide users.

The following are the prizes you can win:

Credits Prize
8000 Dr Quiz Key Ring
16000 Dr Quiz Drinks Coaster
30000 Dr Quiz Mousemat
60000 Dr Quiz T-Shirt
120000 Amazon Voucher
250000 1GB USB Flash Drive
500000 Portable DVD Player
1500000 iPod Nano White/Black 4Gb
3000000 Sony PSP Handheld Visit Site

Payday Loans ABC

Money can’t buy everything but it certainly can buy a lot. But life sometimes gets tough. There are unexpected, unanticipated spending that digs a hole to our pockets. Lucky if we have saved money to use. But sometimes even our saving is not enough. We need extra money for this and that.

Payday Loans ABC can help you with these types of problems. Payday Loans ABC can be found placed in proud ranking on many of the Internet’s most respected directories and resources for payday cash advances. It exists to help people with their financial burden.. With Payday Loans ABC you can get Payday Loan and Cash Advance as high as $1,500 until you next paycheck.. Even if you have a poor credit history, Payday Loans ABC can and will help you. People with bad credit history can now have an institution as Payday Loans ABC to run to.

What you need to avail of their service, is a few minutes of your time. Fill up an online application and once approved, you will see your loans deposited directly into your bank account in under 24 hours. This short process is in contrast to the rather long waiting you have to endure if you were to apply for loans at your bank. With Payday Loans getting money is fast and easy.

This is a sponsored post.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

SERP standing for "Make Money Online"

Remember my Post about My Desire to improve the SERP of this blog for the keyword: "Make Money Online"? Remember this blog's rank in google for that keyword? This blog was not included in the top 100,and if am not mistaken, not even in the top 1,000. The difficulty of the keyword "make money online" is very very high. It seemed impossible at first to break the barrier and get as close as the top 100 spot.

But just today, as I search google for the keyword "make money online", this blog is sitting at the top 21 position out of (267,000,000)now 324,000,000 competitors. What a huge leap! Here's a Snapshot.

Tell me if the snapshot does not work or you could just go to google and search for "make money online" and see live how this blog ranks.

A better SERP standing means more traffic and most likely, but not absolute more traffic means more revenues. The secret to a better SERP? I am not really sure with what made the sudden change in SERP. I made template changes, meta tag changes, and minor alterations with codes. Thanks a lot to my SEO friend from India. As soon as I figure out the best contributing factor for the better SERP standing this blog is experiencing now, I will make another post about it.

The funny thing though is that I am hoping that this better SERP for "make money online" keyword is not some sort of glitch from google search engines (lol).

Search and Make Money

Here's a list of sites and programs that pay you for every search you make. You either win cash and or some cool prizes and rewards.

1.make money online, make money at home
You can win various prizes, such as Gift Certificates, Apple iPods, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. You search and you earn points. You refer your friends you also earn points. Your points are entries to monthy Winzy Sweepstakes with a Grand prize of $100,000

If your referrals search and win, you also win the price.

At least 13 or older and live in the United States or Canada. Visit Site

2. make money online, make money at home
Search Cactus pays you for searching the web, completing offers and referring friends. It offers an instant $3 dollar bonus for new members.The minimum payout is $20. U.S. & Canada Only. (Sorry Philippines!)Visit Site

3.make money online, make money at home is a search engine that lets you search the web and benefit the charity of your choice. This site has raised £286,421* for charities.

All you need to do is select the charity you would like to support and then search the web as normal, there's absolutely no charge to you or the charities involved.Time to do some act of kindness and generosity! Visit Site

4.make money online, make money at home
Like Everyclick, this site is a "search for a cause" program. You search and make money or you have the option to donate your earnings to desired charities. Mode of payment is though paypal and joining is free.
Visit Site

Friday, September 14, 2007

Your Guess Can Make You Money

Take a look at Guess Now. It's a fun play site where you sign up for free and guess the outcome of real life future events. You are going to act and think like Nostradamos here and predict the future.

So how it works?
  • First you have to sign up.
  • Choose your category.
  • Earn Points for every correct Guess
  • Redeem Points for Cash when it's equivalent to $25.

Payment is through paypal.
You can also make money by referring your friends.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

SEO Challenge:See If Your Site Wins or Losses

LinkVendor's SEO Challenge Tool compares two domains and calculates a score, based on a self-made algorithm. The domain with most points is the winner.

This is a very good tool as you can compare your site with other sites and see how you perform. Try this tool for free click --SEO Challenge!

Blogger Templates Resource List

Here's a good list of websites to find good unique blogger templates:

2.Free Templates for All- New resource and has plenty of unique template designs.
3.Blogger Templates-
5.Blogger Templates
7.Fresh Blogger Templates- new resource, has some SEO friendly templates
8.Pyzam- New resource, lots of templates here.
9.Template Panic
10.Free Skins

Filipino Bloggers Dominating the SERP for "Make Money Online"

Amazingly, many Filipino blogs came out at the top list at google search engine results for the keyword "make money online". I can't help but notice how well Filipino bloggers are doing in terms of SERP and making their presense felt in the blogosphere.

Top Filipino Blogger's Site for "Make Money Online" at Google search:

1. Rank 1
2. Rank 7
3. Pinoymoneytalk- Rank 8
4. Rank 11
5. Rank 21
6. Rank 22
7. Rank 28

I am so proud of all these Filipino Bloggers! More and more Filipinos are starting to make a name online.Mabuhay to all Filipino Bloggers!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Advertise Your Resume at Blogger Jobs

make money online, make money at homeIf you are a professional or freelance writer and you want to make money through paid writing opportunities, then Blogger Jobs can help you out. Blogger Jobs is not hiring bloggers but provides bloggers and freelance writers a venue to advertise their resume or writing skills, and be exposed to companies/persons on the lookout for new talent.

Simply fill up their Contact form with the following information

  • Resume/CV (a link to an online version would be preferred)
  • Links to your existing bodies of work. This can include, among others:
    • Your own blogs/websites
    • Past and present blogs/websites you’ve written for
    • Other pertinent information

Blogger Jobs is yet another way to get be directly hired and make money online. Visit their site here for further details.

Personalized News

Thoof is a relatively new website that promises to give your personalized news and information. Thoof do sound like some ancient magical word to me.

Personalization Algorithm
Thoof has a special Personalized News
Through this algorithm, users can access news and information based on individual likes and preferences on the very first visit. Thoof does not assume that all users like or are interested in one same topic. Thoof delivers unique, distinct information according to the user’s interest, hence the “personalized news”.

Thoof Democracy
Thoof also gives it’s users the power to propose changes or addition to posted content. Users have a say to the news and information they view on the site. Something very unique of Thoof that is not provided by any other news and information websites.

More User Involvement
Thoof is not a passive information giving site. It works as an active community.

  1. As a user you can actually judge a story by communicating to Thoof that the information you read is interesting or is not interesting. There is also an “improve button”, which a user can click if he thinks a certain story or news needs some improvement.
  2. You can be one of the information giver by submitting your own stories or news to the site. By submitting your own story you are entitled to a ThoofRank which represents how interesting your story is.

Thoof can bring traffic to your site
Yes, that is very true. If you have a good story or information to share, then submit it at thoof. Users who click on the story you submitted can be redirected to your site and boom that’s additional traffic for your blog.

Thoof is a free site. No money involved in joining. So go visit the site here.

Make Money At Cheez Ads

If you’re a blogger of employment-related topics, Cheezhead wants to give you an opportunity to turn your blog into a money-maker.

Joining is free. As a member of the network, you’ll occasionally receive HTML code to add to a single post on your blog. All text is subject to your approval. Confirm your post and addition of permanent text by e-mail. You get paid via PayPal (or check if absolutely necessary).

Average payment should be between $5-$35, depending on your site’s link popularity, age, frequency of posting, and other variables. Payments may increase or decrease based on the above factors.

I just applied for the program and I hope to get accepted and make more money online. Here's a sample cheez ad:

Display the Real Time Weather Condition in Your Blog

I found a new widget for your blog that displays the real weather condition of where you live. Found this great tool at Blogskinny. Here's how it looks:

make money online, make money at home

This widget is customizable. You need to enter your zip code so that it will correctly display the whether condition of your place. You can change the colors as well according to your blog's theme or layout so that it blends. I use green color here so that it blends to my make money online blog layout. Actually, there's another weather badge widget design but I prefer the design above as it looks prettier. If you wish to have one of these badge just visit BlogSkinny.

My Quest to Get Better SERP for Keyword "Make Money Online"

I have made it to the top two spots for the keyword "legitimate earning sites" in less than 3 months of blogging. That accomplishment meant so much to me. But sadly, I don't get that much traffic from google or yahoo for that keyword.Perhaps it's not the most searched keyword online. So I have decided to change my target keywords to "Make Money Online". The competition is very very high for these keyword. There is Carlo the 13 year old pinoy blogger, John Chow, Dosh Dosh, Kumiko and other bloggers who have dominated the search engine for these keywords. I don't aim at outranking these "Giants" in the blogosphere. I only wish to make it to the top 100 for these keyword, and gradually increase it to the top 50 then 30. Using Shoemoney's SERP script, I got the top 24 spot at MSN for "make money online" but not lucky enough to get it to google and yahoo. Getting close to top 20 at MSN is a big start though.

Here are few Keywords and my Rankings:

Keywords ----------------------- Rank

Legitimate earning sites - Google-1 & 2 and MSN - 3

Earning Sites - Google 24 and MSN 71

Make Money Online - MSN-24

Make Money - MSN- 75

Make Money At Wise Bread

I don't know if you've heard of Wise Bread before. I accidentally came to know of the site. So anyway, Wise Bread is currently looking for writers on topics on frugal living or personal finance.
So it's basically about writing and getting paid.

Wise Bread is supported by Google Adsense advertising. When readers click on the ads, Google pays a commission ranging from a few cents to several dollars. That commission will be shared between you and Wise Bread in the following manner:

  • You get 100% of the Google advertising revenue generated by your posts. This means you keep all the Google ad revenue from your permalink page and your personal home page.
  • While Wise Bread makes money from the advertising on community pages that doesn't belong to any single blogger (i.e. non-permalink pages such as the general home page and category pages).

Wise Bread is currently working on selling text link and site-wide ads. For site-wide ads, the revenue will be shared between you and Wise Bread based on how much traffic you bring in. For example, if your posts account for 20% of our traffic, you get 20% of the site-wide advertising revenue.

These are the few of the major topics Wise Bread is interested in:
  • Savvy shopping tips to keep you stylish, sassy, and solvent.
  • Frugal living suggestions that keeps you living a rockstar lifestyle on a shoestring budget.
  • Financial advice that is easy to understand and easy to apply.
  • Career and money-making ideas that'll add zeros to your bank account.
  • General grownup know-how your parents forgot to tell you.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Make Money By Writing at CraftGossip

Love writing?! Then Make Money from it!

CraftGossip is an independent craft website and provides information about everything new and craft worthy.It's a network of blogs, each of which is managed independently by an editor. Each sub-blog concentrates on a particular craft topic or idea. CraftGossip is always looking to start new sub-blogs and editors to manage them.

If you love discovering new craft things and telling everyone about them, then you can write at Craftgossip about your idea.

Previous editing experience is not necessary. Craftgossip will provide you the tools required to manage your sub-blog. Marketing, sales and other infrastructure management are likewise provided for you.

Payment is by Revenue Sharing. Details will be disclosed by sending an email to them.

Currently they need writers for these topics:


Edible Craft

Leadlighting/Glass Crafts

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Make Money In Forums

Forums are not only good ways to expose your blog but you can actually earn from these sites. Few forum sites that pay you per post:

1. ForumBooster
Write and get paid $.10 a post. For those that are putting a lot of time and are working full time for the site, they will be paid $.15 a post. Payment is by paypal.

2. Forumelves
You get paid per post. But the site has not provided for the exact pay per post.

3. Javahive
Post in forums and earn points. Points are then converted into cash. Has a referral system where you get 25% of your referral's earnings.

4. Paidpostingtools

Online forums need writers to contribute content and attract other members. Forum owners hire paid posting services who in turn hire writers. Write as much or as little as you like and get paid for every post. It is very simple to get involved and most services pay via PayPal on a weekly basis.

As a forum writer you will be on the front lines of a forum population project. Your objectives are to post replies and new topics with a pre-determined amount. You will be working as a team with other forum writers. I was not able to find their mode of payment.

Make Money Using Photos

Your photos can make you earn. Sites which pay you for your photos:

1. Shareapic

Upload photos and earn money. $0.22 per 1000 image impressions or views. Members can also make money from Google ads by displaying the ads in their picture galleries.

Mode of Payment: Paypal minimum of over $20.

2. Citizen Image

Sell photos or images and earn 50% of net proceeds. Citizen Image allows photographers to upload images from a mobile phone or computer. Built from a community of people armed with digital devices, Citizen Image supplies their newsworthy images and creative photographs to the media outlets that matter. It's a place where the average person as well as professionals can not only showcase their work but profit from it by uploading it to the site.

Mode of Payment: Paypal- minimum of $50 and check-if above $200

Contribute your own images, illustrations, and video, for sale on iStock. Sell digital stock images to the largest design community in the world. Membership is free.

4. Fotolia
Sell photos and make money. You set the price of your photos based on photographer ranking, chosen license and exclusivity of the image). Commission ranges from 33% to 80%. Free Membership.

Mode of Payment: Paypal, Moneybookers, Wiretransfer

5. Break
Upload videos, pictures, flashgames and earn.Receive up to $2000 if your video makes it to the frontpage and up to $25 if your picture is placed in a gallery.

Mode of Payment: Paypal $25 minimum

Getting My Blog A New Look

Obviously, am the type of person who easily gets bored with my blog templates. Here I am again changing my template. Am still tweaking and putting back all the elements in my blog, but am encountering some problems like inability to move the widgets from one position to the the other. I've tried all means there is and I've looked into all the help I could get online but nothing works. I hope this is just another glitz from blogger and things will return to normal soon.

Still tweaking and enhancing this blog's overall look. Please do report any errors you find so I can act on it! :)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Make Money Online with These Programs

  • Share In the Wealth

  • Text Link Ads

  • Mylot

  • Clickbooth

  • Clixsense

  • Friendfinder

  • Take the internet Back

  • Slasy My Search

  • Review Me

  • Hits4pay
  • PayCage

  • My Bonus Bucks

  • Email Cash Pro

  • Royal Invest

  • Revenu Pilot

  • Adsense

  • Paid To Share

  • Clixmedia

  • Sendearnings

  • Treasuretrooper

  • PaidtoClick

  • Agloco

  • Cashcrate
  • Make Money Online At VideoSense

    Sharing videos at thevideosense can give you profit! At theVideoSense you register for free and upload interesting, funny, entertaining, popular videos to the sites. You can get videos from youtube or other sources. Videos don't have to come from you. You can make use of other people's videos found anywhere online and use it to your advantage and make money.

    "Upon you joining thevideosense, you get your own section of the website e.g

    From this page and all pages under this location your publisher ID is rotated 50% of the time on all the Google Adsense Advertising displayed on these pages (btw, we are experts at customising google ads to get the absolute highest click through rates.)

    By sharing your links with your videos, If other people join beneath you, you get your Publisher ID displayed 10% of the time on their sections of the website.

    So really there are two ways to increase your advertising exposure, 1. buy sharing videos and 2 by sharing this opportunity with many other people so your Publisher ID is exposed on many more webpages. Im currently working on my 10 Steps to success, to help members share this opportunity with many other people, supplying 10 different strategies to help you get your Publisher ID exposed as much as possible. Sharing what Ive learnt that works from the last 9 years on the internet."

    How much will you make?
    At thevideosense they rotate your publisher ID’s 50/50 so you get 50% of the advertising revenue from all users that click on the google ads etc. PLUS if you refer someone to you get YOUR publisher ID displayed on their pages 10% of the time.

    Advertise Your Blogs for Free at DropJack

    DropJack! A blog with no visitor is a dead blog! No matter how many good articles there are on your blog, exposure is the key to let others know that your good blog exists."Ignorance of your blog excuses everyone from visiting it!"

    DropJack is a new site to expose your blog and articles. It works like Digg and StumbleUpon, only that Jacking a story is easier, lesser steps, lesser efforts! Registration with the site is easy and fast. Takes about less than a minute!

    " is a social content website powered by users like you. Anyone familiar with the popular site will understand how DropJack works. Register as a member - submit content - vote on content. It's that simple. The more votes (jacks) a story receives, the better placement it receives on our site.

    As a member you can submit your own original content or you can submit stories, articles or news items that you believe are newsworthy and that would be of interest to others." is a Jayde Online Network web property. The company has been primarily involved in the publication of email newsletters and the development of niche and general search engines.

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    Friday, September 7, 2007

    My Blog Contest

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    Thursday, September 6, 2007

    I Lost $40

    Clickbooth is one of my favorite ways to make money online. It's easy to set up, no hassles. You put the code and when you get a click, a lead or a sale, you make money.

    I checked on my Clickbooth Account today and noticed I have 4 new referrals which was not credited into my account. At Clickbooth you are supposed to earn $10 for every referral you get. So 4 new referrals means $40. Sadly, that's not the case. According to Clickbooth Admin, the 4 referrals was not credited to my account because these referrals are disqualified or that the Clickbooth Program is not open to their countries. What's the implication? I lost $40!!!

    Clickbooth is still one of the best money making sites online. Getting that $40 back will not be that hard.

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    Wednesday, September 5, 2007

    The Talking Idiot's New Sexy Celebrities| Hot Bikini Blog

    The Talking Idiot has started a new blog "Sexy Celebrities|Hot Bikinis Blog".

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    Going back to Sexy Celebrities|Hot Bikini Blog, i was able to find few good posts and pictures:

    Sexy Celebrities Butts

    Celebrity Halle Berry Photos

    Sexy Celebrity Paris Hilton Photos

    This one is not a sponsored post. Just a little help to a new blogger to give more exposure to his blog. Hope you can give this poor fellow's blog a quick visit and some comments to his blog for encouragement and inspiration.

    Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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    Monday, September 3, 2007

    Missing My Blogs

    Let's see, it's been like 4 days of no blogging activity, no internet, and of course no checking on the progress of my make money online adventure.

    I was out last friday for a vacation at my hometown. It was fun, i get to see my very witty niece and bond with the rest of the family. Only how I wish I have a laptop that I could bring with me anywhere I go, so I won't be leaving my "blogger's world" behind. Am saving to buy a new laptop for myself. But as a student, money is a big constraint. Thank God, the internet has given me opportunities to earn online without literally becoming an "employee". With the blogs I have I am my own boss. No employer-employee relationship exists. I am in control. I earn according to the work i put in.

    So anyway, I checked on my email and got like over 200 mails most are spams. I hate spams! Luckily, I checked on my earnings and what a huge difference! I see dollars!!! It's been 4 days, you know what I mean. Money has accumulated, from adsense, clickbooth, textlinkads, etc.

    I also got a better technorati rank, better alexa rank and more readership. The number of visitors and readers my blogs get are sweeter than any money I could possibly make. Really! There's a satisfaction, a sense of success knowing people read what you write, comment on your opinions and look forward to what you have to say.

    So much for the drama, I really miss my blogs. But now am back online again to be a better blogger and make more money online.

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